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started by FooFighter, May 13, 2020
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      The number of new cases of COVID-19 seem to be decreasing. You can thank the warm weather for that. And more people are being tested, with the fraction/percentage of positive tests diminishing.

      But it’s not entirely warm weather that’s the cause of decreasing COVID-19 cases.

      And remember, everyone, to practice social distancing. I suggest 8 feet rather than 6 to be on the safe side.

      Stay safe, everyone!

      I don’t know if I can say that for @mesocyclone since he hates me so much.

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      you left out the fact that the more people are out in the sun, the more Vit D they get, and that’s a natural immune booster.  That’s why it’s so stupid to tell people that they must stay indoors.

    • Some states especially in the south have reopened and there hasn’t been a spike in cases or deaths. And you’re right @CathieU. Going out in the sun gives you vitamin D and it’s healthy to take a walk/jog outside

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      Not if you are sun-allergic like me and/or full of #covfefe like Trump is. Please get your facts straight. 🙂

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      My nigga @AndyMoserWX

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      Bro @andymoserwx you don’t know that! Get ready because come November 3 your TDS will extend into 2025.

      And it’s sad that the moderators aren’t taking care of @mesocyclone and the fake postings. He’s now trying to put sexy stuff on a weather forum?

    • This ain’t a political site, so stop with the politics @andymoserwx

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    • Alright, @foofighter, pump the brakes, don’t go that extreme. But I agree with you, politics doesn’t belong on a weather forum, and neither does a sexy video

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      you know what it is you know what it is stupid it’s not just about vitamin D it’s about people’s bodies and some are more susceptible and some are and I bet you any money when the younger generation is out in this morning they get more and more into it it’s just like the flu and what I mean is just like the flu is it affects the oldest first because they’re weaker but it’ll get you eventually I bet you

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      yes it can help but it all depends yes it can help but it all depends on the person and I think it’s a bubble that people are saying that it’s all about the sun in their immunity yeah you can get immunity you can also get very very sick and so you might be one of those people so how do you take the chance when you decide what you do today get up and say well I’m going to go out and if I get covid-19 pretty silly

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