I miss John Hope!

started by Invest22L, August 9, 2019
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      We only had a few bad hurricanes when I was still growing up on Long Island in the 80’s, but when they were coming I was glued to the TV watching the Weather Channel. After hurricane Gloria I was addicted! I started watching even when there wasn’t a storm or hurricane in my area to keep track of other parts of the world. Then, even when there wasn’t any bad weather I would let the TV play all night and sleep to the repeat music track and updates. Back then my favorite meteorologist was John Hope. There was just something calming and Grandfatherly about Mr. Hope and I would always wait to hear from him when things got crazy. All the forecasters were good but Mr. Hope always seemed to be hard at work making calculations behind the scenes  and when he went on camera it was like confirmation and the final word on what to expect. Like the weather “godfather” was stepping out to avoid the filters and give it to us straight from the data. I even got legitimately emotional when I heard that he had passed away. I will always remember John Hope and still miss him when hurricane season kicks in every year. ~RIP

      P.S. If anyone from the Weather Channel reads this I would absolutely love to have a photo of John Hope, if you even have any, to put next to my Jim Cantore picture. I would also love a photo of Steve Lyons and Mike Seidel if you have them.

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