I love the weather channle it so educational

started by happyboy, December 9, 2016
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      Everyone should watch the weather channle cause you will learn a lot from it

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      Yes, it is very Educational and interesting.  Glad to know there are so many others here that love the weather as much as I, I went to a Christmas party earlier this evening, a couple of my friends were kind of making fun of me because I love the weather so much and watch the Weather Channel so often.

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        Same here! People I work with have made fun of my staring up at the sky. NO one to relate to. I’ve pointed out sun dogs, mammatus, sun halos & rainbows, and get    ” oh.. cool ” then that look. The look that says “so..?”. But, sometimes I see something So Neat, or unusual, I’ll point it out to Anyone!

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        Awww I feel you on that. A lot of people just don’t understand. Also a lot of people really under estimate the power of weather. Unfortunately that’s a big reason a lot of people die from so many different weather events, because they were careless and did not take it seriously.

        Seems like society has sort of a negative attitude towards weather forecasting since it’s not right 100% of the time. Therefore they laugh at people who do take it seriously, but it’s a science. Nothing is 100% when predicting anything science related. Sometimes I feel bad for those who don’t understand, because they don’t take weather seriously in severe weather situations and puts their life and others in danger.


        Although the weather channel does a great job explaining all the dangers of different types of weather. So when someone makes fun of you for it, then just smile knowing because you take weather seriously and passionate about it then you are safer cause of it.

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        Wow!  Very well said.

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        that is so not nice for that person to make fun of another person who loves the weather so much

        so not right ):

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      I know it!  I get so excited About the Weather,  it is Nice When you mention it to Someone and they Actually Sound interested in it too!

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      The weather is probably the most unappreciated thing in this world, which is quite sad.  It affects our daily lives, and for people to just scoff at it is very sad.  But, there are also a lot of people who do appreciate what the meteorologists and guys at the Weather Channel do, and it is very encouraging to see that there are a lot of people who love the weather as much as I do out there!  Some day, I know I will be working like those meteorologists, and I can’t wait!

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      <p style=”text-align: left;”>That is awesome that you want to be a Meteorologist!  Getting to do what you love each day will be great.</p>

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        Yes, of course!  Who wouldn’t want to love doing what they love as a JOB!  I mean, I can’t honestly wait.  It’s going to be awesome to able to work in a field that I have always loved since I was a little kid, and of course I will be saving lives by doing it!

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      even I want to become a meteorologist who works with the hurricane hunters who track done and investigate a storm like a hurricane if that particular storm is going to turn into a tropical storm or cat 1 hurricane or dangerous cat 5 hurricane (:

      I am a huge fan of the weather channel and weather itself I’ve been watching the weather channel since a was a little child like 7 years of age

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