Hurricane Forecasting Improvement

started by stormsteiger, December 12, 2016
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      Game changing Improvement in Hurricane Forecasting

      In leas than 6 hours a new future for hurricane forecasting will be here. For the first time ever satellites will be able to “see” into cyclones. Launched from an airplane- if you miss it live you can see it on NASA TV, CYGNSS is about to happen- a huge milestone in hurricane forecasting;

      This is where the data will be too.

      We hope that eight slightly larger than a suitcase micro-satellites are launched tomorrow. There’s even a receiving station here in Hawaii.

      Currently we do an OK? job with forecasting a hurricane’s track but a we do not do a good job with an hurricane’s intensity, this has been difficult to forecast accurately. Heavy rain has usually blocked sensors from acquiring data inside the hurricanes. That’s about to change – check out the coverage these satellites will provide- scroll down to middle of page;

      As they say in hurricane forecasting it’s all about Intensity, Intensity, Intensity? This is going to be like having Hurricane Hunter planes everywhere where we get hurricanes.

      Did you know that the potential damages from the intensity of an hurricane rises exponentially?

      Cat. 1    1 X-  potential damages

      Cat. 2  10 X  Cat. 1

      Cat. 3  50 X  Cat. 1

      Cat. 4 250 X Cat. 1

      Cat. 5 500 X Cat. 1

      Knowing the intensity of a hurricane can easily be the difference between life and death. We really need to know this. What a bargain this whole system will be too- only $162 million.

      What a remarkable breakthrough for hurricane forecasting this will be!!

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      It’s great to hear this news.  Forecasting Hurricanes are tough because they can be very unpredictable.  We won’t ever be able to perfectly forecast mother nature, but continuing to advance and make progress in technology is getting us closer to be almost perfect.

      Good post!

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