hurricane aftermath

started by Irisg, September 15, 2017
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      I have lived through several hurricanes when I was living in Puerto Rico. Here are 4 things that would help people in storm areas keep hope. 1. Prepare people for what was coming after the storm. The fact is that usually in the aftermath of these storms, not only Irma,  it is usually very hot, and hotter because ALL the wind is gone! People might be better equipped emotionally to tolerate what comes next if they knew this. 2. It is a given that electricity will take time to come back on line in severely affected neighborhoods. Think about Sandy and Andrew, and now Harvey.  In Hugo we suffered 10 days with no electricity or water and it was hot and terrible, but we were fortunate because our apt was fine and we a generator. Why Floridians have not embraced a real backup plan (generators) is beyond me.  3. People in Florida and other states build like the first of the 3 little pigs. If your house is made of sticks, well it is not going to withstand the wind. Why isn’t there a building code that requires even people in small homes to build with “bricks’??? Then they would have at least an outer structure that could be salvaged. 4. Trees always lose their leaves and branches in these big storms. But nature has provided them with an inner knowledge to regrow, and in 3 months all will be green again. If the larger uprooted trees are replanted and anchored with cables (which was done in PR after Hugo), they will come back to life too. And if trees were pruned in advance of the storm, there would be much less damage to them and from them.   Irisg

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