hi everyone

started by weathergirl2.0, February 18, 2018
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    • I love weather so much I want to be on the weather channel so bad

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      I totally agree with u, i would luv ta meet a meteorologist in person! I have talked with a meteorologist in my city his name is Tom Wachs of Fox 6 News here in Milwaukee,WI! He likes my topics and research and anythn realted to weather such as my pics too!!! 🙂

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        So do i only walch the weather channle i would love to be the severe weather person just like DR. GregForbs

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      I  I am 14 and would like to be an on camera Meteorologist for the Weather Channel.  I would love to meet Alex Wilson (Weather Underground) She seems so funny and easygoing

    • <p style=”text-align: left;”>Hay me too because I like the weather channel so bad.</p>

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      (As Trump), Hi, everyone!  I love the Olympics!  I think they are fantastic.  Some of my favorite countries taking part include Luxury Bird (Luxembourg), Tiny Dad and Toboggan (Trinidad and Tobago), Kardashian (Kazakhstan), Jynatown (China), Melania (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), Jive Talkin’ (Japan), Phil’s Pimples (Philippines), Covfefe (Canada), Sin City (Hungary), and United Shersh (United States).  #DentureDonald 🙂

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      I’m not the typical weathergeek who aspired to be a meteorologist.. But rather the thrill of it all!

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