started by katrina, May 7, 2017
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      hello everyone. My name is James and I have loved weather since I was in 2nd. grade. I have been watching the weather channel for a while because it was always on in the foyer at my primary school. I have to go to my grandparents house to see the weather channel there because at my house we do not have cable. if you were wondering I am not transgender I just choose the name after Hurricane Katrina. Katrina is NOT my real name. the thing that got me interested in weather is this booklet of severe weather called “Owlies Skywarn Booklet. I wasn’t imprest at first but after a while I got interested in it and began reading more books about weather until I was certain that I wanted to be an meteorologist when I grow up. And I still want to be one now.

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      Welcome, James!  Love your love for the weather!  Study hard and follow your dreams!

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        there are a few places I want to work:

        a National Weather Service anywhere in Texas

        the Storm Prediction Center

        the National Hurricane Center or

        The Weather Channel

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