Hey, Groundhog…You Lied AGAIN!

started by AndyMoserWX, February 10, 2020
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      The world’s most famous groundhog, Punxsutawney Phil predicted an early spring ten days ago.  Mother Nature had different ideas as it turned out.  We have had three named winter storms in Kade, Lamont, and Mabel.  We also had a severe weather outbreak last weekend with another midweek.

      The host of his own talk show, Maury Povich would kindly ask the groundhog, “Did you predict an early spring so that you could make a complete idiot of yourself”?  Phil would reply, “No way”!

      The lie detector test would determine, “That was a lie.  You did it twenty times before”.  Phil would confess, “I lied and I do not care”.

      , @tornadicx, @liana-brackett, @haleybrennan, and @alexwilson, my advice to all of us is that you never trust a groundhog as in this picture.  Click on the following link to see it for yourself: https://twitter.com/KOCOJessica/status/1225105422333435904/photo/1

      Let us also put up a $1 million reward for the capture of this ignorant-ass rodent.  Thank you! #bustedgroundhog 🙂

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      Yeah – I too, have often said – you can never trust a groundhog.  They avoid eye contact – a sure sign of dishonestly.  I’ve also heard a rumor that he flunked out of meteorology school for heavy partying!

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      That ignorant-ass groundhog must have drunk too many beers while he partied with other rodents.  No wonder he flunked meteorology school when he was young!  #beerwithhispals 🐨🍻

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