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started by s754263, May 21, 2017
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      My first day was yesterday and I just want to introduce myself.  I love the weather.  My dad introduce me to the weather channel when I was 6 months old.  I am in 3rd grade but, last year I did a science project with a friend about tornadoes.  It was called twister sisters.    

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      Welcome aboard s754263,.I like Weather alot too .Good luck as you persue more and more about weather.

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        Thanks.  I  like Jim Cantore  too!  I wrote a letter to him but, he has not wrote back.

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        It’s funny you should mention about Jim Cantore. I actually worked for.a woman who went to school with him.I would love to meet him and all the other  Weather Channel Cast.

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        ME TOO!!!!!  It is like you are reading my mind I want to meet the cast as well. When I get older, I want to work with them at the weather channel.


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        It’s hard to say ,who my favorite Meteorologists is .They are all so smart.I would love to have an Autographed picture of all of them .

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