have you been in a tornado warning?

started by weather-lover, April 13, 2017
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      I`ve been a possible tornado that possibly re-strengthed to an EF-2. Luckly,it by-passed our town,harleyville,sc.

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      Back in my younger days, I saw a funnel cloud in NE Nebraska in 1974.  There was some dust under the cloud but I never saw it actually touch down.  It was about a mile south of me heading east.  I was 22 at the time and it scared the stuffing out of me.

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      I have been in quite a few warnings but have never actually seen a tornado or even a funnel cloud.

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      Plenty of times actually. I live on Long Island, so we are very prone to lines of storms durring the summer. There was a tornado a block away from my house (before I was born, my parents were still living here) in 1998 I believe.

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      I never saw it,but they announced the possible tornado,so me and my family went into a panic……we made it,but only because it passed our town.

    • Yes I have. Last year in Florida. We were heading to Boca Raton to visit my grandpa who was 100. We get there and turns out we had to along with my grandpa,my step grandma and my grandpa’s nurse go to the basement.

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      I’ve never SEEN a Tornado, But I’ve been scared out of my WITS because of a Warning and Radar-Indicated Tornado, and of course it was at night, and it was in Walterboro, and because my family doesn’t have a basement, storm-cellar, or a storm-shelter ( I Know that the words “storm-cellar” and “storm-shelter” mean the same thing, no offense )………Only our Ford-Freestar. But we are Moving soon, and so we are going to buy and install a storm shelter sometime in the next 1-2 1/2 years or so, so yeah.

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      I have been in 2 which both times a tornado did touch down but didn’t hit are house

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      Yeah. When I was about 6 me and my parents were driving to Iowa to meet some relatives and we saw a funnel cloud coming down from the clouds. It touched down and we had to run into a gas station. it didn’t hit us, but seeing that was what sparked my interest in weather in the first place.

    • I’ve been in one tornado and a few tornado warnings the one tornado that nearly hit us was the 2012 dericho when we was on the road when the tornado almost hit us. But after that day that’s what sparked my interest in weather.

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      Major Hurricane Matthew is what sparked my interest, and it just grew and grew and grew.

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