Hashtag Game: #YouKnowItsColdWhen

started by AndyMoserWX, January 30, 2019
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      My fellow weather geeks, it is time for another hashtag game.  The historically lethal, life-threatening wind chills continue to smack the both the northern Plains and the entire Great Lakes region.  The coldest wind chill (so far) throughout this record-setting arctic outbreak resides ten miles north of Punsford, Minnesota, where it recorded a wind chill of -66°F.  Aaaaaaaack!  How do you know when it is cold for you?  Type your response(s) using the hashtag #YouKnowItsColdWhen on this page.  It could air on The Weather Channel.

      Here are some of my contemplations.  #YouKnowItsColdWhen:

      1. Honey Boo Boo changes her name “Honey Frozen”.
      2. President Donald Trump cannot spell words correctly in his tweets.
      3. You are excited for temperatures to be in the seventies this weekend.
      4. Condensation freezes inside your house.
      5. Both grilled cheese and tomato soup are on your lunch or dinner menu.
      6. Chocolate will not melt even when the sky is totally sunny.
      7. Gas stations will not pump properly.
      8. Jimmy Fallon pokes fun of the polar vortex in his opening monologue.
      9. Libras leave their heaters on 24/7.

      Please share with me what your comments.  Good luck! 😀

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      1. you take toast to the bus stop (that you made right before you left) for breakfast and by the time you get their (which is about 30. sec) it is cold

      2. when you wear 4 layers of warm clothes and you’re still cold

      3. 29 degrees as a high sounds like a heat wave

      4. they cancel school for the cold

      5. your hair freezes after taking a shower and going outside

      that is all I can think of right now

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      #youknowitscoldwhen  your dog gets of his leash and runs straight to the door


      you find your cat buried in the clothes in your closet

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        #YouKnowItsColdWhen your All-American schnauzer vetoes going outside to the backyard to play and approves staying warm inside.  🐶🔥☕️

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      #youknowitscoldwhen You see a Snow Man wearing a Land’s End Squall Parka….no, wait that was Mike Sidel in Chicago!

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        #YouKnowItsColdWhen Garfield, the best cat since sliced bread, melts a snow person to liquid so that he stays warm.  🐱☃🍞❄️🔥

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      #YouKnowItsColdWhen you never go outside


      not even to shovel

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