Happy 45th Birthday, Kelly Cass!

started by AndyMoserWX, November 27, 2018
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    Hey, @kcass! I would like to wish you a happy forty-fifth birthday tonight! I hope that 45 is one of your luckiest numbers in your life. I hope that you enjoy all the cookies, ice cream, and other treats that you can devour.  #wxbirthdaygirl ☀️⛈❄️🌬☔️🎂🍦🍪

    You have not changed at all since joining The Weather Channel in 2000.  In fact, you look like you never age.  Likewise, you are the coolest blondie meteorologist in the country in my opinion.  Moreover, you wear the coolest boots that any meteorologist ever wears.  I hope that you stay at The Weather Channel for another seven years at least.

    Kelly, whatever you are doing to keep yourself active, keep it up!  Be the best meteorologist that you can be. I love you (as a friend of course)!  #hyperactivewxwoman 🤗🚴

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    On another note, I would like to also wish a happy (LATE) thirty-fifth birthday to @alexwilson, whom I call the coolest redhead meteorologist in the country.  [NOTE: Alex’s actual birthday is November 10.]  #wxredheadbeauty 😃

    Alex, you have both the best-looking manicures and most amazing eyes of any meteorologist in the country in my book.  You are also the best dog-raising meteorologist on television.  Keep it up!  #woofwoof 💅👁🐶

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      It’s shameful that when a women reaches age 55 she’s discarded from TV weather broadcasting.  Not once have I seen an elder woman in news or weather reporting

    • Woof woof, my brethren. In an unrelated topic, I poured boiling water on top of my car’s windshield this morning, as a result of some ice forming overnight. When I did this, my windshield had cracked! #woofwoofbrothers

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    AW’s natural hair is blonde

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      It is amazing what hair dye can do for natural meteorologists like @alexwilson.  #girlpower 💁💩

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