Gia in Illinois

started by summerbreeze, January 11, 2019
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    My son lives @ Fort Scott and told me they were supposed to get a lot of snow there. Most people aren’t used to that kind of precipitation and that amount. You’re supposed to get a lot of snow there. He’s used to it, seeing how he comes from the North Country” here in N.Y.

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    hmm, matters where you live.

    in Southern Illinois, where they are getting the most snow, they don’t get much snow compared to the rest of the state in the average season. I live in Central Illinois, and we are ready. I have already seen 3 snow plows out and not a single snow flake. we get a about 20-30 inches of snow per year here. Northern Illinois gets the most snow, probably averaging 45 inches. Chicago gets lake effect snow so the get the most amount of snow. South Illinois knows what to do, just aren’t use to it.

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    Well, my son is from NNY and believe me, we KNOW snow! He is currently in the Air Force forecasting the weather for them. I…….live in NNY and so far, we have had 2 feet. I don’t mind. People complain about the weather all the time. I challenge anyone to try and change it. ⛄

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