Getting the Weather Channel back on Verizon Fios

started by uncle2000mike, October 24, 2017
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      I have been asking if The Weather Channel is negotiating with Verizon Fios. I cannot get an answer. What are you afraid of? It is either a Yes or No. I cannot get a simple answer to a simple question. If you answer Yes do you think I will ask what is the problem with the negotiations? Are you being threatened by Verizon not to say anything? If you are being threatened ,you should say something.

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      Totally agree with you; do you have Verizon Fios?

      I have Direct TV and Direct TV has TWC in HD!!!

      I hope they answer your question, because now I’m curious!!! 🙂

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      Yea if Verizon is threatening you tell someone. Also it’s a yes or no, no one will be mad we just want to know updates of what is going on.


      so so please give a answer. Thanks

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