Friday, May 22-SW Michigan-Looks Like A Week Of Rain Coming At Us

started by AmazedHuman, May 22, 2020
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      There is a Flood Warning out, which is supposed to be lifted in a couple of days as, according to the wording, most rivers have crested and are beginning to recede. That isn’t what I’m seeing. I’m not quite sure where those posting these warnings get their information, but if it rains for the next 6 days, as the forecast seems to indicate, it’s doubtful that warning will be eased. Frankly, I’ve not seen the river here this high, so much flooding, for many, many years. And I doubt it will take more than a couple more days of rain to make matters even worse around here. Even today, the last day before a week of rain washes in, it’s been raining off and on, and lightly, this morning. Things aren’t looking very good for those living along any water way in Michigan right now.

      Currently 65 with an average wind from the E of 8 mph. Feels like 65 degrees. Dew Point 59, Barometer 30.06 & falling, Humidity 79%, Visibility 9 mi., Sunrise 6:11 am, Sunset 9:06 pm.

      Cloudy with a high of 69. ESE winds 5 -10 mph.

      Partly cloudy. Low 57. ESE winds 5 -10 mph.


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