Friday, June 28- South West Michigan-Nicely Warmed Up-Finally

started by AmazedHuman, June 28, 2019
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      Well, for a moment or two yesterday I was tempted to turn on the A/C, but I didn’t. Driving around tending to errands the car gauge registered 91, and it felt like it for awhile. But I rationalized that I’ve complained about the cold and waiting for what seems like about forever for this summery heat, why block it off with phony cold air? So I simply enjoyed it. And I did. I really did. I’ll be enjoying today’s heat, too. I know. Call me crazy, but I sure do love life when it’s warm and have a hard time dealing with it when it isn’t.

      Currently 74 with an average wind from the SSW of 6 mph. Feels like 74 degrees. Dew Point 65, Humidity 74%, Barometer 30.14 & rising, Visibility 10 mi., Sunrise 6:05 am, Sunset 9:26 pm. Mostly cloudy to day with the slight chance of a stray shower or thunderstorm showing up. High 89. SW winds 10 -15 mph.

      40% chance of overnight showers and thunderstorms. Low 67. W winds 5 -10 mph.

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      I couldn’t deal with the cold and snow all the time. Glad you are enjoying the warmth. Have you considered moving further south? Places like Nashville, Birmingham, Knoxville, and Atlanta are beautiful with warmer weather that still is comfortable most of the year.

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