Friday, July 19-South West Michigan-Excessive Heat Plus Chance For Severe Thunderstorms

started by AmazedHuman, July 19, 2019
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      Already a sweltering feel to the day and we’re just beginning. I fear if the thunderstorms do roll through they are going to only add to the misery. That darned flat Jet Stream laying over the  country like a big hot blanket is keeping us all in the heat indexes we aren’t loving. I do like hot weather, I do NOT like this stuff. And the thing is, today I have so much to do, so many places I have to be, work that needs to be done. I’m going to be more than ready for a cool shower by the end of this day. Thanks Mother Nature.

      Currently 81 with a SW wind of 12 mph. Feels like 88 degrees. Dew Point 75, Humidity 84%, Barometer 29.78 & rising, Visibility 10 mi., Sunrise 6:19 am, Sunset 9;16 pm. 80% chance of morning thunderstorms, cloudy afternoon. High 88-90. WSW winds 10 -20 mph

      Cloudy overnight with the chance of a stray thunderstorm. Low 78. SW winds 10-15 mph.


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      I like that image!  Funny!  Poor sun is trying to cool off, LOL?

      Humidity does make the heat feel worse.  We don’t get much of it here but when we do it’s miserable.  Yeah, I use a lot of fans since the box “room” a/c does little and uses so much energy for such a little unit.

      At night I’ve been having the fan aimed upward to blow the air away from me.  And not oscillating.  It seems to work pretty well.  I don’t open the window unless it’s really bad since I’ll get all the noise from the damn garage in my building.

      Unlike you, I don’t like hot weather at all.  And the past few months I’ve been going grocery shopping early Sunday morning, like around 7:30.  And it’s already hot by the time I’m about done around 8:30.  And there’s NO traffic.

      Hard to do but worth it.  The parking lot for the store has little shade.  Asphalt and concrete.




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