Friday, Jan. 10-South West Michigan-Winter Storm Warning In Effect-Ice Storm Coming

started by AmazedHuman, January 10, 2020
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      The fact that the first of 13 full moons due in 2020, the first being the Wolf Moon right now, is being eclipsed – putting aside the fact that there really is an eclipse of the moon expected today/tonight –  by the news of the Winter Storm problems to prepare for. The moon eclipse is the first of 4 in 2020. This Winter Storm – who knows how many of these we’re going to have to face.

      This being an ice event is the worst in my estimation. A snow storm is one thing, often that can be maneuvered through or around with skill and luck, but heavy icing creates even more dangerous issues. No luck on earth is going to help anyone travel around in something like that. I’m really praying that most people can prepare, hunker down through this and stay put. Might get cold for many of us as no doubt our power will go out. There goes the Internet and our weather blogs, too, but I suspect that will seem minor in the grand scheme of things.

      We’ll have to see how this goes but right now, it doesn’t sound all that good.


      Currently 44 with an average wind from the SSW of 7 mph. Feels like 40 degrees. Dew Point 42, Barometer 30.11 & rising, Humidity 91%, Visibility 5 mi., Sunrise 8:13 am, Sunset 5:26 pm.

      Winter Storm Warning In Effect from 1:00am Saturday through 10 am Sunday. Heavy mixed precipitation expected. Total snow & sleet accumulation of up to 3″ and ice accumulations of 1/4 to 3/4″. NE winds will gust as high as 45 mph. Expect power outages and tree damage due to ice. Travel may become impossible.

      Overcast – light rain likely – High near 45. SW winds 5 – 10 mph.

      100% chance of rain. 1-2″ possible. Localized flooding possible. Low 32. ENE winds 10 -20 mph.


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