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started by Tornadicx, February 5, 2018
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      Reporting from Seminole, Florida — Currently 73° with isolated boredom.

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      It looks like we’re already headed into Summer, here folks. (Without the intense thunderstorms, might I add. 😩 ) 

      Remember, Florida has 3 seasons. Summer, Semi-Fall & Hurricane Season.

      (Summer lasting the longest because it starts in February at times and ends in…uh…around…uh…October or something. )

      Those 2 second cold fronts don’t count. 😂




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      Today’s forecast from Seminole, FL : HOT 🔥 & BORING. 👎

      Summer in February. ☀☀☀

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      Welp! Florida weather continues to be boring as ever.. No rain or anything.. and to make matters worse we are going to be in the upper 80’s! So, there’s no much to update here.. just more of the same thing!

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        @tornadicx Shalena, how about you move to Oklahoma where you can experience four seasons in one single day?  Bring your family along.  #weirdweatherexp 😀

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        Oklahoma is MUCH more of an exciting place to live, Andy. 🙂 (Except it’s missing Hurricane Season.) I used to live in Tulsa in the 90’s.. Had a tornado, too!

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      Yeehawwww!!! Finally Florida has been seeing some amazing thunderstorms ! No more boredom!


      It. Has. Arrived!



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      Waterspout was indicated/spotted at 2:51pm near Anna Maria Island, moving NE @ 40MPH! (A TORNADO WARNING WAS OFFICIALLY in effect!)


      The wind picked up so fast, it almost reminded me of when Irma was approaching! 



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      Well, I’ve been telling my family we’d get an Alberto soon and they’ve been laughing at me.


      Now, we’re looking at “subtropical”  storm Alberto! It has begun!



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      Florida weather has been interesting. Sadly, 3 people have died from lightning strikes thus far.

      Of course, not much is happening in my area because my storm luck is low… on the brightside, I’m lucky enough to still have a place to live ..

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      The weather here in Seminole has entered into a boring time period. The clouds are beautiful at night, especially the cumulonimbus ones with the lightning…but other than that, they don’t grow into anything.

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      Loving your Florida weather reports :>)

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      Thanks so much! @AmazedHuman — I’ve been considering updating on other parts of the state but unlike my mom, I dislike reporting on weather from other areas…especially when I’m envious!

      ..Still no rain here in Seminole..the only difference is instead of it just being hot & boring, it is now *EXTREMELY* hot & boring. I’m talking $2,000 electricity bill if you run the AC hot.. I mean, the kind of hot where 2 fans blowing on you at the same time are STILL not enough kind of hot!

      On TOP of that, we have to wear masks out, (I get it, we need to stay safe) — but I sweat so much under the mask & it gets uncomfortable!

      Of course I’m no meteorologist, so just off of past patterns — I’m assuming we will get some rain around the 4th Of July, (the irony) — which seems to be a trend, here. We shall see!

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      Okay, so apparently it RAINED here last night and of course I was sound asleep, so I missed it. I love the ambiance of a rainy night but I’m more of  a “storm during the day” kind of lady. I like observing the clouds, guessing whether the storms are strong/severe by the types of clouds & etc.. and IF by some weird chance there is rotation in one, (usually this happens with fronts & tropical systems) — I can clearly see it with the naked eye during the day.

      Everything is more aesthetic at night, yet more dangerous. Anyways, hopefully it rains during the day soon. I used to LOVE day storms during school and also still love them even IF I am out and about. Cloudy skies..there are just something about them..and on a regular shmegular day, the least a girl can get is a good thunderstorm, right?

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      I call this the “Poker Faced Sky” because very little is happening and I just won my biggest game of poker! Beautiful, colors though!


      — Seminole, FL.

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      I got home from a party about an hour ago! I got caught in the rain, coming out of the store between 3-5 o’clock in Pinellas Park, (I can’t remember!)

      The point is, it rained!! (Maybe not in the way I wanted) ..but hey! Why complain?

      I’m almost kicking myself for not taking pics but it’ll happen again. I hope everyone’s having an amazing and safe 4th weekend! 🙂


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      Welp! It is currently raining as it tends to do on the 4th of July, here. It was actually a pretty nice aesthetic. There aren’t any clouds visible at the moment and the Sun tried to peek out on the other side. Happy 4th everyone! ~


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      Disturbing The Gulf: 

      Now that all the fire working has drifted off, let me give my mom props. My mom is a BIG TIME weathergeek, (even worse than me.) & me & my siblings joke that she missed her calling as a Meteorologist. While I am organic, meaning I don’t get into the sciency stuff & just prefer to observe sky,  my mom is organic *and* sciency.

      When I was 9 years old, I spotted a rotating thunderstorm and urged my mom to call into our local news station to report it. It was cool hearing “A woman just called in and said her daughter spotted rotation” — I never had a class and there was no way for me to have learned that.

      Sometimes I feel dumb not being all sciency but I leave that to my mother and my local meteorologist. (Denis Phillips.) I’m just an uneducated weathergeek who loves extreme weather and I know my place to stick to.

      My mom reported the current disturbance in the gulf of Mexico the other day. She had shown me the radar and said there was something brewing out there. Of course it would be very weak if it DID become anything at all. (I’m reminded of the weak tropical storm Emily from 2017.)


      I’m not sure. Anyways, kudos to my mom for reporting that to us.  She did miss her calling, I’m sure. My mom is great but I’ll always support my local meteorologist, I’m just saying — Go mom! 😀


      Time for rest!


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      It was lightning early this morning but no storms. Here’s what the weather here is doing at 8.

      — There are scattered storms/showers offshore but I’ve yet to see if they make it directly here. We are in a weird spot and most storms head through Clearwater.

      Thoughts About Hurricane Season

      I’ve made note awhile ago that every year it is supposed to be an “active season” and you know what they say–Even a broken clock is right twice a day. I’m not saying it won’t be, especially considering the fact it is 2020–A year full of surprises.

      I have a certain intuitive feeling about Hurricane Season this year but I’ll keep it to myself for now. It ain’t science. :p

      — I’ve decided to make a note of it in my notepad just in case I’m right. The time stamps are there & the notepad makes stamps of edits, so I can’t tamper with it. This shall be fun. 😀

      Edit: I forgot to clarify that I realize when an “active season” to some means many named storms, even if they DON’T hit, while to others, it will SEEM like an active season if just ONE hits. What I’m referring to is what I think your average person interprets it to mean– direct hits. 

      Update: As of 9:39pm, it is thundering. ☻


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      Storm Shield App

      Update 2: 9:45pm – And I’m glad I checked the radar before I got my hopes too high up. It looks like these little storms are passing me by, per usual. #SeminoleLuck

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      Hoping the circled blob holds together, here… It’s coming directly at us as of right now.. With our luck, the big W, (weaken) or the big F.O. (Fizzle Out) might strike.

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      Update: What did I tell you? Check out the little blob, now as it gets closer.. or rather what’s left of it. :,)


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