First Jobs of Weather Gurus

started by AndyMoserWX, October 8, 2017
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      I read an interesting article online about the first jobs that several #wxwomen had before becoming TV meteorologists.  The article mentioned @Ginger_Zee, ABC News/GMA chief meteorologist; and @JaniceDean, senior meteorologist for Fox News Channel.

      The article further mentioned a pair of TWC meteorologists.  I was appalled that @stephanieabrams, the “Gator-Bator”, worked at a Hallmark store as a card-giver.  Furthermore, I cannot believe that @jencarfagno, the “Dew-Point Diva”, worked as a lifeguard.

      Please click on the following link to learn more:

      What was your first job before you began tracking the whims of Mother Nature?  I pose this question to ask Dr. @twcerikanavarro, @alexwilson, @maria-larosa, @kathrynprociv, @liana-brackett, @kcass, @haleybrennan, and Dr. @tniziol.  Please give me your response and tag it with #firstjobsofwxgurus.  Thank you! 😀

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      In my first job I worked as a swim coach!

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        @alexwilson, if you were a swim coach, then did you volunteer with the American Red Cross?  Either way, that gives you the nickname “SwimAlex” that you can use as your alias.  #firstjobofwxgurus 😀

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        I was a coach for the local summer league – go Macungie Bears!

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        @alexwilson, how many Macungie Bears did you swim with to earn a Klondike bar?  #sweetbeartreats 🐻🍫

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      I worked as a physical therapy tech! It was fun but definitely wasn’t a passion of mine!

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        @haleybrennan, when you mention physical therapy, do you mean assisting those who are rehabilitating from injuries (e.g., spinal cord)?  #firstjobofwxgurus 😉

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      I started out babysitting. But I also worked as head cashier at Big Al’s Deep Discount (BADD) like a huge pharmacy warehouse! Even won employee of the month there a couple of times!

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        @kcass, congratulations on those accolades!  Was your babysitting like that of Mrs. Doubtfire?  #wxhousesitter 😀  I hope that the opioid crisis was nowhere near as bad back then as it is today.  #wxrxguru 😉

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