Escape from the Election

started by puppies50, November 8, 2016
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      Absolutely beautiful!!! Neede this badly!!!! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you

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      Love the natural beauty. Would love the locations posted.

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      I like it!  Would love to see more.  So much better than the messy presidential election.

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      THANK YOU!!  We watched enough coverage (all sides) to make an informed decision – we went and voted, and now ENOUGH.  I am THOROUGHLY ENJOYING your Escape the Election show!  Seriously – I hope this message gets to those who thought of the show and who engineered it.  Many, many thanks!

      ~Kathy  🙂

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      Thank you for directing us to the REAL ality.. Gaia is really what life is all about. Power and wealth are the problem and re focusing on mother earth can direct us. As a business owner of 26 + years, I understand that without mother earth, there is NO purpose! Care for others, nature, and our progeny Trumps and Clinches our humanity. Please continue!!!!!!!


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      This was a great idea especially considering the messy politics and not wanting to hear all the drama after voting.  Wonderful music and great scenary that I’ve seen in years.  Could we do this again sometime?  Thank you.

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      I love this.  This would be great as part of regular programming.

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