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      What kind of equipment do you need to get started? ( laptops, weather things) things like that. What apps or weather pages do you need to be able to see the weather on your equipment? What is the average cost to get started?  I have lots of questions.  I was in a tornado when I was 9 at an amusement park and that’s when I knew I loved that kind of weather.  My friends and family yell at me when we have bad lightning storms coz I’m outside watching them. I’m always watching weather channel when tornados are on or hurricane,  any really bad weather. I’ve wanted to be storm chaser ever since the shows came on years ago. What’s best type of vehicle to use and what al do you need to become storm chaser? Is there a way I can pay to ride with a storm chaser? Thank you niki

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      I use a laptop with GR Level 3 radar. As far as apps, we use Radar Scope to track storms. You could get started under $500.

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      I have a Davis weather station! (vantage pro two.)

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