Eclipse glasses

started by D1stangel, August 9, 2017
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      Where do I sign up for the Eclipse passes?  That’s why I signed up for this site.  Did a search and no free glasses listed.  Is this a bait and switch?

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      You have to click on the blue “Still need solar eclipse glasses? We’ve got you covered” link, in your e-mail.

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      Where can I still get glasses? Most places sell them in 10, 50 +. I only need 2 pair.

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      Lowes May have them sold individually

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      I heard these glasses sold out months ago, and a lot of counterfeit ones are showing up to take advantage of this of course. 🙁 There might still be places to get them, but I live in the SW part of the U.S.  We’re only going to get a partial eclipse, and there’s going to be some clouds around too.

      Good luck in finding a pair.  🙂

      I always seem to live in the wrong part of the country or world for these celestial events.  I heard people from 35 states and 11 countries are going to travel to a town in KY I think.  I envy an acquaintance who’s going to OR to not only see it, but to visit a relative as well.

      I’ll have to settle for watching it on TWC, while enjoying another cup of coffee.

      People booked hotel rooms YEARS in advance of this event!  I bet it’s not refundable….How can they know what the weather will be?  What is there’s a storm???

      I think it’s cool when the corona is visible, and even more cool when the moon cover the sun COMPLETELY even just for a couple of minutes.  It would be great to see it become “night” for just a bit.




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      Since you can look at the sun at anytime,  why do you need special glasses to see the eclipse ?

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        While we may briefly glance at the sun, we don’t stare at the sun directly in normal day-to-day life (it hurts)! You need the glasses because you can burn your retina otherwise. Due to the anatomy of your eye, staring at the sun would produce the same effect as putting a magnifying glass up to the sun – and would burn your eye permanently.

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        I’ve always been a bit of an astronomy buff, and so the sun, other stars, moon, planets, etc. fascinate me.  When I was kid, I was told repeatedly by adults “NEVER, EVER look directly at the sun!  You will go blind!”

        Boy that scared me!  LOL

        If you don’t have eclipse glasses, people can still make it the old fashioned way with 2 pieces of cardboard.  Poke a hole in one, and the image of the eclipse will come through on the second piece.  I’m sure there’s details online somewhere on how to do it.  🙂

        I’ll have to watch it on TV.  The SW sucks for totality of the eclipse.  We will only get 75% or 80% I think.  I always seem to live in the wrong part of the country or world for these celestial events.  🙁



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