started by Easyridrslim, August 13, 2017
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      I am curious as to weather the ISS will be in position for an “outer space” view of the eclipse? I think it would be a fascinating perspective.

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      that would be cool, but the ISS goes around the earth every 90 min.

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      I know this isn’t possible, but I wish EVERYBODY could see a TOTAL eclipse.  🙂

      I’m in the wrong part of the country and can’t afford to even travel outside my stupid city let alone state.  🙁

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      I am in north Carolina so I am not gonna be out looking for the eclipse because its not gonna happen here, we will have full sunlight no partial eclipse here no total either nothing, only in Nashville tenn, Columbia, SC Clingmans dome SC area will see it all others will not see the eclipse in US only in the path of it will see partial and total eclipse there, have fun I will try again in 2024

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      You had to be in far southwestern  North Carolina.

      BUT … I came to Sapphire NC where the clouds thickened as the eclipse approached and then it rained right at the very moment of totality.  Nuts!

      Very cool event, but not so good as it worked out.

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