Do you like or dislike snow

started by Weathergeek666, March 5, 2019
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  • Hi everyone I would like to know what you think of snow. So, please leave your state and say thumbs up/ thumbs down to snow, give your reason if you would like. Can’t wait to find out the results! By the way would like it if a Met or one of you were too support me, and help spread it to social media using his/hers social media platform? As I’m not allowed to have my own social media accounts.Thanks 

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    Haven’t seen snow in over a decade (I live in Phoenix) but I want to go up to Flagstaff just to see something white I miss. But we’re warming up so I’ll have to wait until fall at the earliest.

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    Michigan and I’m giving you a solid thumbs down on snow. I detest the cold and snow of our northern winters. Used to venture out for pictures, I’ve got CDs of them, as winter provides some nice photo ops, but I don’t even like doing that anymore. Nope…if I had my druthers snow would be nonexistent in my world.

  • After the first two replies my hypothesis is that it all depends on where you live.

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    Live in Birmingham, AL. It snows just enough every year to make it fun and enjoyable, but not enough to cause problems. So I like to see snow because we get just the right amount. I would hate to live in the north with it causing deaths, closures, power outages, etc.

  • @kvanbel I’m from Wilimington North Carolina so completely agree with you



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