Deja vu all over again?

started by manowx, March 9, 2019
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    This is one those crass phrases that should have been put to rest with Yogi Berra.  The phrase is suppose to evoke the sense of repetition or recurrence.  By force of habit, it appears to have accomplished but deja vu simply means that current experiences have been experienced before.   Of course they have not.  It’s a trick of the mind.  It could be a symptom dementia.  Whatever the cause, TWC would be wise to discard deja vu.

    Foot-note – I will no longer subscribe to TWC beginning in April.  This decision made several months past.  Based not so much on diction ( I can’t stand it when persons end a remark with okay or alright ) but the loss of Kelly Williamson.  His storm chasing was superlative; second to none.

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