Dec. 11th-Dec. 17th NWS Climate Prediction Outlook Update

started by Hogwild13, December 11, 2016
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      Here are the current Climate Prediction Outlooks for Dec. 11th-Dec. 17 for the entire country released by the National Weather Service.

      6-10 Day Outlook Temperature:

      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="719"]6-10 Day Outlook Temperature Below Average Temperature for most of the country for the next 6-10 days. Cold Spell looks to be continuing for at least a little while longer…[/caption]

      6-10 Day Outlook Precipitation:

      [caption id="" align="alignnone" width="719"]6-10 Day Precipitation Outlook Looks to be above average precip. for the majority of the East Coast and portions of the Midwest. Snow?<br />For the West, Below Average Precip. Continues…[/caption]


      Don’t worry anti-cold fans!  Next week’s outlook will most likely feature some warmer temperatures!  Still have to push through this cold spell a little while longer!

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      Cold in Boston has been fleeting.  Advertised Arctic descent to be brief.  I believe man-made gases have limited cross-latitude flow.  Satellite animation shows a zonal flow imposed on cold air intrusions.  That’s Pacific air entrained.   We are witnessing human-induced climate change in action.  Repent you fossil fuel sinners!

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      Boston will not have white Christmas; and likely below average Dec snow total. Meteorologist Eric Fisher formerly of TWC hints at 2014-15 analog but I have my doubts.   Negative NAO /blocking appears to very limited…again; and ocean temp 49 F !   mild again!  Where have all the winters gone?

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      TWC is definitely hyping the cold this Dec.  I BELIEVE they have come under the influence of President-elect Trump.  He has an aura of some sort.  Not good for weather and climate objectivity.

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        I’m curious what an “aura of some sort” means Monowx.  If you mean speaking the hard facts openly when no-one else will, I agree.  If you are spewing some type of pouting nonsense because you feel the majority of the states elected him didn’t please your interest, then I would suggest taking your views to a more political website than this one.

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        I concede my statements are without foundation.  However to say Trump “speaks the hard facts” is also without foundation.  For example Trump is on the record – quote; “nobody knows”  in reference to human influence on climate .  It’s also a false statement because 200 parts per million co2 additional since industrial revolution is widely accepted as at least largely attributed to ff combustion.  This means there is warming attributed to humans.  I’m not being political but Trump is being bull-necked and arrogant.  His administration will be bad for the environment and that will eventually negatively impact citizens.

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      I’m predicting no repeat of 2014-15.  Not even close.  Instead I’m predicting massive tornado outbreaks in Feb. and a prevalence of unseasonably mild air.  Doctor Forbes will have a massive heart attack should he not take heed.

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