Cyclone or Hurricane. I'm confused……

started by dmpbug, June 20, 2017
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    Why are they calling the offshore gulf coast storm a potential tropical cyclone?  Why isn’t it a potential hurricane?  I thought cyclones were in the Pacific/South Pacific and hurricanes were in the Atlantic.

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    Cyclone is a common term.  I suppose they could have deemed it a potential tropical storm  In Aussie and India they are exclusively called cyclones.  NHC is not calling it a PH ( potential hurricane ) because they don’t anticipate that potential.

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    Cyclone simply refers to any large scale circulation around a low pressure system.  It can occur over both water and land any time of year. In the N hemisphere it would rotate counter-clockwise and the opposite in the S hemisphere. 

  • What they’re saying I’d that in could have a potential to be a tropical storm not a hurricane but why would they say potential cyclone instead of potenting tropical storm

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    Yes we’re using cyclone in the generic sense – as a potential tropical cyclone could develop into a tropical depression, tropical storm and/or hurricane.  This is simply a way to designate that while a system isn’t impacting places at the moment, we expect it to strengthen and become a threat to land.

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