Curious Kindergarteners need help with weather (and space) questions

started by mrsharris, February 9, 2018
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      Our class has been learning about weather. Here are some questions we need help answering. We are trying to find the answers on our own, but want to ask the community too.

      1. Did anyone see all the stars Wednesday Night?

      2. Why is it so sunny and warm this winter?

      3. Why are there not so many meteors?

      4. Why is it basically always snowing in New Jersey?

      5. Why aren’t there tornados in California (where we live)?

      6. How many stars are there?

      7. How big can tsunamis be?

      8. How big can tornados be?

      9. How can you see a constellation?

      10. How fast can meteors go?

      Thank you for listening to our questions.

      Sincerely, Room 2 Kindergarten, Mill Valley, California


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      @mrsharris I can only answer a few of your questions. The 1st one ,number 1, It is impossible to see all the stars at once because the sun outshines the stars and the stars we see in the wintertime , we can’t see during the summertime and vice versa. The next one I can answer is number 8. Tornadoes and be as large as over a mile wide. I grew up in North Central Texas near Dallas. I have seen on the news the size of some tornadoes. Some are only a few hundred feet wide to those that are over a mile wide. The last question I can answer is number 9. As far as I know there are three ways you can see the constellations, 1. with just your eyes, 2. looking through a telescope, and 3. Look up a website that allows you to look at the constellations over the internet. I hope this helps you and your students out.

      Good Luck from San Francisco Mrs. Harris and class,


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        Thank you very much for answering some of our questions. We appreciate your taking the time. Happy weather watching!!!


    • Tsunamis can get up to 90 +feet according to the book that I read. Also California just don’t have that un stable air to for supercell thunderstorms that forms tornadoes. It is true that you can’t see all of the stars but I wish you can see all of the stars. Tornadoes can get up to 2.5 miles wide and probably more than that.

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