started by s754263, May 20, 2017
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      Hello fellow weather friends, I was wondering what I need to do to become a meteorologist?  I am in 3rd grade and would like any suggestions.  thanks

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      First off, I am so impressed! You’re in 3rd grade and already asking how to accomplish your goals…bravo!

      At your grade, studying science, reading/writing, and computer science are important. Learning more about our atmosphere by doing science experiments with friends and family would also be a great practical way of getting your foot in the world of meteorology!

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        @liana-brackett, I give you an amen for your fabulous response!  In addition to those essentials, making the grade is crucial toward success in the world of meteorology.  After all, your grades, your education, and your didactics come first.  Take as many AP, IB, and concurrent enrollment courses as necessary; and start those as soon as possible.  #raisethegradeonestepatatime 😉

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        I can recall when I took CS in college.  It was a tedious task of punching cards on machines; getting the cards in order, and submitting them to a large mainframe.  If one was out of sequence or syntax was in error the result was a file dump. The wait time was unacceptable.

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        Thanks Ms. Brackett, I love school and I don’t want school to end. I made all ” A’s” honor roll.  🙂

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      Hi there!  Ditto to what Liana had to say – and don’t forget about math!  In college you’ll take a lot of math coursework, and meteorology courses are heavy on math, too!

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      @alexwilson, you nailed it head on!  Meteorology uses a plethora of math and involves in our forecasting everyday.  By the way, I enjoyed reading your article about why STEM is essential.  It was fascinating to understand.  #STEMdaily 😉

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      Thanks, Andy! Glad you enjoyed it 🙂

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        @alexwilson, you are absolutely welcome!  #mySTEMwxfriend 🎓🤓☄💎

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