Chris Bruin

started by martybrumback, August 9, 2017
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      Hi Chris.  Congrats on joining TWC.  May I ask a personal question about your height?  Sometimes it seems a little bit of a squeeze to fit you into the chroma key display graphic.  I’m guessing 6″ 4″.  Please don’t tell me you are 5′ 16″ tall 🙂  Marty

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      I am new to this and clearly I don’t know what I am doing 🙁

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      follow the directions and talk about weather in the community page

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      Thanks for the welcome Marty! Sorry about the late repsonse, as you can imagine it has been quite busy these past few weeks! And to answer your question I’m 6′ 4.5″ tall! So good guess, you were almost right on the money! Yeah I would definitely say I’m a bit tall for the monitor shots lol! -Chris Bruin

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      Were you great at Math growing up?

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      Other than Jim and Jen, what other TWC legends are you glad to have worked with thus far?

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      If you could work with 2 former TWC mets, who would they be?

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