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started by ckielty, December 3, 2019
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      I’m Caitlin Kielty. I am taking a meteorology course in school and an assignment is to interview a meteorologist! I was wondering if anyone on this site would be willing to answer eight questions I have prepared so that I can document your answers and learn a little more about your job and all that it entails, and take a better look at the careers that studying meteorology can lead to! I will include the questions below, if you’d like to answer them right off the bat, but if you’d rather ask me a couple of questions first, I would be happy to answer!

      Thank you in advance for helping me with this project.

      Here are the questions I have for you! The first 6 are general questions assigned by my teacher, but the last two relate to information that I, personally, find interesting:

      What motivated you to become a meteorologist?

      How is the pay? Where is the “big money” in meteorology?

      What is the training and/or education necessary to become a meteorologist? How many years of college does it take?

      Any specific insights into the study of meteorology?

      What is your most interesting career-related event or incident?

      What is your favorite type of weather and why?

      In your job, do you tend to work in a team of other scientists, or is the job largely independent?

      What is the most difficult part about being a meteorologist? Do you have any advice for someone seeking a career in meteorology?

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