Boston Snowfall Winter 2018

started by KEVINL.SEALY, March 14, 2018
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      For the Winter of 2017-18 Boston has received 21.5″ of snow. Moving 250 mile Southwest New York City has gotten 27.0″ (Central Park) Yet Boston is supposed to be a colder climate than NYC.Even with three Nor’easter, NYC is still ahead of Boston so far this winter which has a week to go.

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      I have to make a correction. Boston’s total snowfall for the winter 2017-18 is over 57 inches. The 21.5″ is the snowfall for the March..

      • Those numbers make more sense.  Until I read your corrections, I was wondering how Boston’s season total was so low when they got around 15″ just in the most recent storm.  57 makes more sense.  As for the question as to how Boston could have less snow than New York when they have a colder climate–while it hasn’t happened this year, it definitely could happen.  Climate refers to long-term averages, but in a given year, a place with a colder climate can get a lot less snow than a place with a warmer climate.  For example, in winter 2002-2003, I had only about 54″ of snowfall up here in Camden, Maine, while Boston got about 95″.  In one specific year, it’s more about where the storms track.  But this year–Boston has 57″, I have 97″.

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        What through me off was I only looked at Boston’s snowfall for March under the noaa web-site, Until I check the entire winter snowfall the city which is 57.1″.


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      For Boston, I predicted 74″ snow for the season.  This next storm should get me fairly close.

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