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started by WeatherWizard109, November 9, 2017
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    • Hey waz up PARTY PEOPLE!? Anyway, this section is dedicated to all terrible weather puns, big and small. Tell me your bad weather jokes by commenting below.

    • What weather phenomenon lacks depth perception? You thought a hurricane right? Nope! It’s all of them, because they only have one eye (the center)!

      1. What’s worse than raining cats and dogs ?
      2. Hailing taxis and buses
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        How do people react when hail of any size falls from the sky?  “Aw, hail no!”  #hailjoke 😀

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    • Ha ha! That’s a good one! Here’s one: Why did the cloud always get in trouble? He never took anything cirrus!

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        How about these tornado jokes?  #bestwxjokes 😀

        1. What is a tornado’s favorite game to play?  Twister.
        2. Who is a tornado’s best friend?  A twisted sister.
        3. How would a tornado compete on a reboot of American Gladiators?  It would compete counter-clockwise; hence, its name Cyclone.
        4. Why does a tornado not see anything?  It is blind (i.e., no eyes).
        5. Where can we get an album named Tornado?  From the Grammy award-winning quartet Little Big Town, of course!
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        @weatherwizard109, that is too funny!  What do you call a full-fledged ice storm?  A “glizzard” (portmanteau of “blizzard” and “glass”)!  #icejoke 😀

    • Why does the lightning bolt always gasp as the news? He finds everything shocking!

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        @weatherwizard109, what is the first response from thunder during a storm?  Boom-shaka-laka!  #thunderpuns 😀

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      Thanks for starting a light topic.  🙂 🙂 🙂

      • Sure enough, KittyKat. Got any jokes?

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        Nope, unfortunately.  🙂  I’m not good at knowing or telling jokes, just enjoying them.



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        @kittykat, what can we diagnose a polar vortex with?  Bipolar disorder.  #frigiddepression 😆

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        @kittykat, what would President Trump call a winter storm?  A blizzard of “covfefe”!  #winterstormatthewhitehouse 😀

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        @kittykat, how does rainfall take a shower?  It pours it on.  #rainhumor 😀

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      I’d like to contribute to the puns, but my head is a bit cloudy at the moment…and a little foggy, too.

      Wait a minute…

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        How does a thunderstorm play the drums?  It smacks colossal hail on the ground.  #drumswxstyle 😀

    • What do you call a thunderstorm’s parent rotation when it’s crazy? A mesopsycho!

    • What do you call a conversation with the sun? Enlightening

      Have you heard about the blizzards they get up North? Yeah, they’re snow joke

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      Dr. @twcerikanavarro, what do we call Fenton art glass that we blow up in the weather world but we cannot see clearly?  Blinding rain!  #moveableglass 😀

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