Best time of the year for stargazing?

started by TAMMAEthegeek, July 18, 2017
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      Is there a certain time of year where stargazing is easier?

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      Really, any time of the year with a clear night is a great time to stargaze!  Different celestial bodies will be visible for viewing at different times of the year as well, so it may also depend on what’s in the sky.  However, cold winter nights (especially later in the season, such as Feb/Mar) may have less influence from heat haze as the radiation escapes back to space, but you may want to pack an extra blanket or a jacket for those!

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        Dr. @twcerikanavarro, I ratify with you that a clear night is the best way to stargaze.  Personally, I prefer to have mild temperatures (e.g., 60s) later in the season (e.g., mid-March to early April).  I would pack a jacket in case that it gets chilly outside.  #ohstarofwonderstarofnight 😉

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      Thank y’all for the awesome replies 😀

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