Beautiful Days!

started by chaserwannabe, April 1, 2019
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    We have had some of the most beautiful days lately! Yesterday was a bit drizzly and dreary, but up until then, most of the last couple of weeks were very nice days! I appreciate those days so much because here in NOLA (New Orleans), it’s hot and humid almost year round! We rarely have much of a Winter. It’s barely Fall-like in those months most of the time! And now, we are getting a few cool days again, even though it’s now April! What a real blessing for us!

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    I’d take the hot and humid any day over our winters but I do understand how oppressing that can get if you have to deal with it on a steady basis. Nice to see your New Orleans report. Happy you’re getting some pleasant beautiful days. I’ll enjoy them vicariously. :>)

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      Thanks so much for the reply! Looks like tomorrow is going to be another very nice day for us! Hope yours is the same!

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