Are the rumors true?

started by RileySFS, July 25, 2017
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      I am hoping to one day work for WFAA-TV (my local ABC News affiliate) or ABC News as a Broadcast Meteorologist, TWC is also an option though, and I was wondering if you have to work at stations for smaller viewing areas before the bigger viewing areas, like DFW where I live. One of my teachers, who worked at the NBC affiliate in Abilene, TX before teaching News, said that you do and I want to know if the rumors are true. Thanks in advance.

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      Hi Riley,

      I would say that if you have a passion for weather, follow it, and be open to whatever opportunities may come your way. Always try to gain experience where you can and be willing to move. Do your best at whichever location you may be employed. This field will require a lot of flexibility. I can’t speak for local news (hopefully one of the other mets can chime in), but I came from graduate school to TWC, so I say anything is possible!

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      Hi Riley,

      I am a student at Penn State studying Meteorology with an emphasis in broadcasting. I have found that most of the bigger markets/cities require 2-5 years of experience as a Broadcast Meteorologist. It is a very rare case that Broadcast Meteorologists go directly from college into a large market/city such as Dallas or TWC. A few people that I know are starting out in places like Macon, Georgia, Central Pennsylvania, and another went to a place in Idaho or Wyoming. Generally fresh college grads get a job in broadcast markets greater than 100. Here is a link to a list of cities based on their TV Market size.


      Best of luck!

      Patrick Wright 🙂

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