Another earthquake in Southern California

started by MicheleW, July 6, 2019
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      I felt it in the tri-state area south of Las Vegas, Bullhead City, Arizona.

      This one seemed worse than yesterday’s.

      Wondering why there aren’t any reports on it on the Weather Channel. Happened a little less than an hour ago.

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      I didn’t feel it here in Phoenix; I was actually taking a nap. Also yesterday’s quake was one I slept through. The one on Easter 2010? I slept through that too! It seems like I know when an earthquake will strike when I sleep.

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      Even worse, I’m going to SoCal in two weeks and I’m worried another big earthquake will strike. I don’t remember feeling any earthquakes at all.

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        This was the first time I ever felt one, and it was miles away from the center. I’d be a bit nervous heading to SoCal if I were in your shoes. Even though it was just a mild shaking of the house, it was scary and I was trying to remember all the tips from the various Weather Channel shows.

        Living in a mobile home, I elected to run outside. Since it never did more than just shake and roll, it probably wasn’t necessary.

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      I think the second one at least (July 5th) was felt as far away as Mexicali, MEXICO and Sacramento!  That’s really far away…

      Maybe because it was so deep, 5 miles or so?

      I turned on KNX 1070 AM.  They started talking about it RIGHT away.  TWC is the last source I’d think of to find out what’s going on.

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