Alaska is Baking

started by AndyMoserWX, July 6, 2019
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      I cannot believe that Anchorage, Alaska, hit 91°F on our nation’s Independence Day this year.  If memory serves me right, then it is probably the first time in state history that Alaska cracked the nineties for a daytime high anywhere.  Yikes!

      What is erroneous with the forty-ninth state of the Union?!  It sounds like global warming has forced temperatures to rise in the last frontier.  Alaska was so hot this fourth of July that its glaciers turned into flowing Arctic rivers.  #fromicetowater 🏔🌎🌊🌡#toohottoofarnorth

      #BakedAlaska, likewise, does not sound pleasingly for dessert right now.  #foodpun🍮🍰

      @alexwilson, what is your take on this obsoletion for our Alaskan friends?  #49thstatebaking🤓

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      That’s shocking, but the record high for Alaska was 100°F just less than ten miles from the Arctic Circle.

      Fun fact: Hawaii and Alaska are the two states with the lowest record high ever.

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      I found it shocking too….

      Climate change.

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