Accessing We Love Weather exclusives without an account

started by FooFighters, July 4, 2020
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      There is a requirement on We Love Weather that you have to create an account in order to access an exclusive, said no one ever. Here is how to access an exclusive without an account.

      Not trying to advertise.

      1. Download uBlock Origin and/or Adblock Plus.

      2. Copy and paste these filters.

      3. Add them into your filters list.

      4. Open the exclusive IN A NEW TAB, it will only work that way.

      Ta-da! You can now see “exclusive” content without an account.

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      There seems to be no exclusives on the home page as of when I posted this, but in case you want to test the trick out after adding the filters, try this exclusive:

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      Unfortunately, this trick will not work if you want to post on the community without an account. You must log in to start a new thread or reply on a thread.

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      This is my new @foofighter account; my old one got deleted for some reason.

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