A Little Sun To Start Our Day – Mid Michgan

started by CathieU, October 13, 2019
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      This morning is bringing us a little sun before the clouds roll in later today.  Yesterday was very cold . . . . at least it felt very cold with the brisk wind.  It was the first day where it was cold enough to need a winter coat.  Today won’t be much better although it seems good to see the sun.  Rain is in the forecast for most of the week with temperatures much below average.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw some snow this month.  It certainly is cold enough to snow.

      Our 9 AM temperature is 45°F (7°C), the humidity is 73% and skies are partly cloudy.  Winds are from the south at 12 mph, gusting to 17 mph.  The dew point is 35°F (2°C), and the pressure is 29.81 in and steady.  Visibility is 10 miles.  The wind chill is 40°F (4°C).  Yesterday’s high was 52°F (11°C) and the overnight low was 42°F (6°C).  Averages for this date are 61°F / 43°F.  Sunrise was at 7:47 AM and sunset will be at 6:57 PM.


      Today:  Partly sunny and breezy.  High 56°F.  Winds variable at 15-20 mph.

      Tonight:   Becoming mostly cloudy with showers possible.  Winds variable at 10-15 mph.  Low 41°F.

      Monday:  A mix of sun and clouds.  High 52°F.  Winds W at 10-15 mph.

      Monday Night:  Partly cloudy.  Low 35°F  Winds light and variable.

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      Stark contrast to here in the South where it’s been not that cold but just rainy and dreadful. Enjoy the sunshine.

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      @haleybrennan @brandon_uffner Please delete @mesocyclone. He is back to disrupt the weloveweather community. He’s making it a cesspool.

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      I was merely doing my part in the community by responding to Cathie’s weather post. If participation means cesspool, I can’t imagine what your idea of order would be.

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        That being said, let’s get back to weather. This thread specifically, Michigan weather, which I might add Fall is indeed in full force and is beautiful up there.

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      No, @mesocyclone, you are a troll who is formerly AndyMoserWeather.

      @CathieU in case @mesocyclone comes back, ignore him!

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      He’s fine as far as I can tell.  Maybe someone stole his identity.  Someone posted under my name a while ago, asking to be removed from the group.

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