2020-2021 Winter Storm Names are Here!

started by We Love Weather Haley, October 1, 2020
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      Like we do every year, The Weather Channel has released the winter storm names for the season! https://weloveweather.tv/2020-2021-winter-storm-names/

      Let us know your thoughts on the names! ❄️

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      @haleybrennan, TWC did a stupendous job of comprising this year’s list of #winterstormnames IMO! 👍 Here are some examples of both real and fictional names involving this list (names bolded for emphasis). Enjoy! #winteriscoming ⛄❄

      • Abigail Ogle is an award-winning anchor and reporter at KOCO-5 News in Oklahoma City. ⚓
      • Billy Donovan is the former head coach of the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder. 🏀⚡
      • Eartha Platt is an award-winning musician/singer. 🎶
      • The Ivy League has eight members, all called the “ancient eight”.
      • Saint John Paul II led the Roman Catholic Church for 26-plus years. ⛪
      • CJ “Lana” Perry works and wrestles with other divas at WWE.
      • Malcolm X was part of the civil rights movement in the U.S.
      • Agent Peggy Carter, portrayed by actress Hayley Atwell, had her own TV show for six seasons and is part of the Marvel Universe. 🌌
      • We pay tribute to the actress Shirley Temple, who starred in many films.
      • Tabitha is the first name of one of my nurses at the Oklahoma Allergy and Asthma Clinic.
      • Yardley is the name of one of Megyn Kelly’s three children.
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      Why not start with the first President of the USA till current once for storm names?  That’s also one way people will remember the Presidents in order.


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      @brenda3626, you obviously want a presidential winter to occur someday. That could happen as early as 2024 if things work out. #winteriscoming ⛄❄

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      There should be a distinction between snowfalls and storms.  If a disturbance is a fresh gale or more with some wintery precipitation i.e. not exiguous, it should acquire a name. i.e. winter storm ( name)    If a disturbance has wind below a fresh gale yet has significant snow it should acquire a name i.e. winter snowfall ( name )

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      @manowx, you must contemplate the way winter storms name in (Republic of) Ireland, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. This project began in winter 2015-2016. Please click on the link below FYI. #winteriscoming 😀 ⛄❄💨


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      Realize there would likely be confusion.  Suppose an area of low pressure produced winds of gale force ( 35 mph  ) over an area close to the center of lowest pressure but winds less than that beyond.  Both areas experience substantial snow.  In a common occurrence, a deformation zone could produce the heaviest snowfall well away from the storm’s center yet that area experience little wind.   My contention, which I assert is of sound mine, is that a heavy snowfall without a gale is NOT a storm. ( I’ve said it many times )   I’m generally opposed to the naming of extratropical low pressure, but since TWC is the only entity to do so it makes sense that they take into account wind.  If they did, they could retire storms and that might give TWC legitimacy in this area with the whole of the meteorological community

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      Hello just letting you know one of your winter storm names is Harold that is on the list of Hurricane names also dont know if any one caught that.

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