2 degree temperature rise! worried? don't be

started by katrina, April 5, 2019
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      many people have become concerned about the 2C degree mark. but guess, what: Europe has just hit that. take a look at this graph:

      as you can see, ever since 1750 the temperature began to rise. it wasn’t until the 1890’s when the temperature began to rise by a lot (by the way, the rise of CO2 hadn’t started yet). now we have done it. Europe has risen 2C degrees and beat the experiment.

      so what now?

      with the temperature at 2C degrees the world should be in danger, but nothing has happened. no islands have sunk. no cities are under water. no millions in climate refugee. no increase in hurricanes. no massive heat waves (or major cold chills, either). so their is no climate tragedy’s. want to see the real effects of climate change? take a look at  this graph:

      according to this graph, you can see that climate-related deaths have fallen <i>substantially</i>, falling by nearly 500,000 people. they have even been surpassed by non-climate deaths. so with rising temperatures less people are dying? go figure.

      BOTTOM LINE: we have beaten the 2C degree test and nothing major has happened. in fact, climate related deaths have fallen since the 1920’s.

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      This video is 5 years old but still brings up a lot of questions regarding global warming.  It’s a bit long but well worth listenting to.

    • @katrina Where do you get your information on climate change from? Also, when they talk about the 2C degree mark they mean the whole world not just a certain subcontinent, so if the world world was over 2C there would possibly be catastrophic consequences.

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      there have been several devastating heats waves in Europe.  And there’s no forgetting the US mid-west heatwave in 1995 that killed several hundred

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        you are correct. their have been several heat waves that have been devastating but have they increased? 1995 was 24 years ago so by now, I would believe that their would have been an significant rise in massive heat waves. but instead, they seem to be a once-in-awhile event, not every day/month or commonly in the news.

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