Do You Have Any of These Weather Phobias?

A phobia is an extreme or irrational fear of something. The well-known phobias deal with confined spaces, spiders, public speaking, heights, and so on. But did you know there are phobias associated with the weather? Here are 10 of the most common weather phobias:

1. Heliophobia: fear of the sunPhobiasSun

2. Ancraophobia: fear of windPhobiasWindREAL

3. Nephophobia: fear of cloudsPhobiasCloudsPLZ

4. Cymophobia: fear of wavesPhobiasWave

5. Homichlophobia: fear of fogPhobiasFog

6. Astraphobia: fear of thunder and lightningPhobiasLightningSLower

7. Ombrophobia: fear of rainPhobiasRain

8. Lilapsophobia: fear of tornadoes and hurricanesPhobiasTornado

9. Chionophobia: fear of snowPhobiasSnow

10. Antlophobia: fear of floodsPhobiasFlood

You may think these fears are rare, but 1 in 10 people have a weather-related phobia. For a better understanding of each of these aversions, be sure to check your local listings for Top 10: Weather Phobias on The Weather Channel!

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To learn more about Lilapsophobia, click here.

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  1. What about flooding? I live in Frederick, Md I lost a car in 2017 due to heavy rainfall in a rather odd place, it’s sort of like in a gully.

  2. Astraphobia – thunderstorms scare me. However, I find that if I’m in the house, I’m more calm than I used to be. I think it’s because the dog is so scared, that I pretend I’m not, and some of that pretend has become real (Fake it ’till you make it kinda thing?). It does help the dog if I can be more calm about the “noisy stuff going on outside” But don’t ask me to go out somewhere in a Thunderstorm.

  3. I have severe hearing loss so I can’t hear thunder until the storm is right on top of me. I have always been afraid of the storms. BUT, I love photographing storms. It is like as long as I can see the storm I am alright with it. I guess I am sort of weird!

  4. When my grandma was a child she, her sisters and her mother went on the train to the “city” to do some site seeing and shopping. While away her only brother was sleeping in their home when lightening hit the house and burned it down with him in it. Understandably, she become extremely afraid of lightening and thunder. When I was a child she would make me crawl under the bed with her anytime a storm approached and pray with rosary beads till it passed. If I was out somewhere, she was so fearful she would call the police to have them find me and bring me home. (That was never any fun!) Today I have a very healthy respect for the weather in all forms and try to educate others regarding safety issues. And no, I don’t crawl under the bed anymore, but I have been known to jump when the lightening gets really close and loud.

  5. I do have Lilapsophobia. Living in South Florida and going through 6 hurricanes, This time of year, I do get rather anxious and just a little concerned….but I have to say…a hurricane is quite an experience to go through.

  6. Yes, I suffer astraphobia, which makes my hands sweat and head blush ruddily. Every time I hear and/or see thunder and/or lightning, I prefer to head indoors and track the storms until those are gone.

    I further suffer lilapsophobia; thus, whenever I hear and/or see that a significant severe weather outbreak is possible, I start to prepare immediately for the worst. In fact, once I hear a tornado warning for my location, I run for my storm shelter instantly and stay there until I hear the all clear.

  7. Yes I do of Tornadoes bad and Floods and thunder an lightening from a little girl my older brothers an sisters would tell me that thunder was going to get me but now that I’m better on the thunder cause thunder is not what gets you it’s lightening. And believe it or not I have a fascination with them all to an extent.

  8. No weather phobias. But when a tornado warning is issued, I do get a little anxious! Weather is all just to amazing. I would hate to have a phobia of something so interesting and amusing.

  9. All weather events are of immense interest to me; absolutely no phobias here. The wilder the better. That is why, I think, we all love to watch The Weather Channel

  10. I have a healthy respect for lightening now, which used to be a very frightening astraphobia. I was struck indirectly and knocked off my chair while talking on the phone in 1990 by lightening while at work, and had to spend the day in the ER to monitor my EKG. My body felt like I had been beat up by a baseball bat and my ear I had the phone receiver to, was ringing for a week. My eardrum was damaged.

    1. I have a friend who was struck indirectly – lightening hit tall city building, then hit her umbrella. She has no memory of it. Just remembers walking down the street with her mom and waking up in the hospital (hours later)

  11. Weather produced here in Michigan. Closest tornado was about about a mile and a half from us. No damage to us, but WOW, the destruction was humbling, the power, immense.

  12. I wonder if there are too many who do not get overwhelmed with lilapsophobia. Yes, probably the storm chasers are intrepid enough. But common folk such as me, I presume, are always scared of what a tornado or a hurricane might have to offer. All the phenomena of nature do have a certain degree of fascination attached to them. But once it gets extreme, then the fear really gets to you.

  13. I love severe thunder storms, dark clouds, wind, rain. What I am phobic about it is hot, sunny weather! It depresses me to the max.

  14. I have little fear of tornadoes but then again they are fascinating!
    sure they cause lots of destruction but again they can be a beautiful sight and you may never see them again!

  15. In my youth I had a very bad fear of severe weather and tornadoes. I have also learned during that time studying whatever terrifies you may help you overcome those fears. So I started to study up on tornadoes and other natural events. This has helped me get over my fear, and get excited about all the weather and other natural phenoms we can experience or see. Now lately, an irrational fear of lightning has development from a most recent thunderstorm we had. It came from a lightning strike so near us the thunder crack crack boom was in sync with the lightning. Since then I am on ground when I see lightning. I know in time I will recover, but for some reason that one got to me.

  16. I survived Palm Sunday 1965. I will never forget that sound … no, not a train, but rather, a low-flying jet. We thought a plane had gotten lost in the storm and it was coming down! To this day, if I hear jet aircraft during a thunderstorm, severe or not, I start looking for something to dive under.

  17. I have a storms and tornado phobia, I actually have taken Xanax when I watch the weather channel and storms are coming to my area. I could be in a store or mall and then I am fine, but at my home with many trees I panic and go in the basement. I actually pray during bad storms of wind and thunder to get through, but I have to have The Weather channel on for updates. I am addicted to watching the weather channel.

  18. I do have a fear of lightening. tornado’s/hurricanes…and flooding…flips me out bad…

  19. I thought that the fear of thunder was called brontophobia which is what I have. I’m not really afraid of lightning, but a good crack of thunder over my house will upset me. I guess being a trained weather spotter doesn’t help me much.

  20. It’s not quite a phobia, but being outside when it’s dark and WINDY, is creepy and feels eerie.

    1. Yea it is VERY eerie and downright scary sometimes at night when it is windy ESPECIALLY when it is caused be a powerful thunderstorm! But that makes me LOVE weather more though. I don’t know how to explain the feeling that comes over me when I get a powerful thunderstorm with howling winds and blindingly bright lightning and loud thunder! It’s like I’m scared but I’m also excited.

  21. Have a terrible fear of excessive heat because of the fire hazard that goes along with it.

  22. I do not have a weather phobia; however, that does not mean I am not careful when something disastrous may occur. And BE PREPARED for any possible disaster.

  23. Well, I lived in Oklahoma for 16 years. There was some terrible weather associated with tornadoes. I do get upset when the weather produces conditions for tornadoes. Luckily, I now live in Georgia. We do have tornadoes but nothing like the state of Oklahoma. I do pray for the people there.

  24. I came within 12″ of getting struck by lightning on a camping trip as a kid so I have a modified astrophobia insofar as I cannot be outside during a storm. I can be in a car or a building, even near a window though I know that isn’t good either, with absolutely no problem and will enjoy the light show but not outside.

  25. My dogs suffer from astrophobia. I use to as a child but now I’m a trained weather spotter. Weather fascinates me!

  26. A weather phobia is understandable if the phobia is related to weather that is common in one’s area. I live in the Bay Area, so a fear of tornadoes would be irrational, since we usually don’t experience them. However, by learning about the weather they fear and being prepared, a person can control their phobia and not let it rule their life.

  27. I’m so glad I don’t have any of these phobias. Instead, I was captivated by all of these clips! I do, however, Hate flooding! Since I live in a ‘low lying area’, a heavy rain can flood my carport & yard all too easily. Then I find it ironic that I have to use More water, to clean up what that rain water left behind!!

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