Celebrate National Park Week!

National Park Week is dedicated to celebrating the natural beauty our national parks have to offer. As weather and nature lovers ourselves, we encourage everyone to get outside and explore national parks near you! Not sure where to begin? Let the National Park Foundation help.

The Weather Channel’s Chris Bruin has a deep appreciation for the great outdoors and is taking part in the week-long celebration of America’s treasured parks. Take a look at the incredible photos he’s taken in national parks across the country!

If you follow Chris on social media, you know his love for the outdoors is infectious. His two favorite national parks are Canyonlands and Grand Teton National Park (he even got married in Grand Teton!) As for why he loves exploring the outdoors and hiking, Chris says:

If you’ve ever made it to a mountain summit, then you understand how humbling the journey can be. Not only are you in the hands of mother nature, but you are facing some of the harshest elements on Earth. From relentless winds, to steep terrain and exposure, and let us not forget the lack of oxygen and what that can do to your body. But the reward that lies at the top drives you to endure and push yourself more than ever before. Pictures can never do a summit justice, because unless you’ve been to the top of a mountain you’ll never get to experience what many would say is the most surreal experience one can have here on Earth!

Read all about Chris’ adventure backpacking up to Paradise Valley in Kings Canyon National Park here.

What’s your favorite national park? Do you have pictures of your favorite national park that you want to share? Add them to our photo gallery and post them on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter with the hashtag #postyourpark!

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  1. My favorite National Park is Saguaro National Park in Arizona! The view of the desert landscape and mountains are spectacular! I also love Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, which is a very close second. The geological features in the park including the lava and the Kilauea crater are phenomenal!

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