The Weather Channel Staff on Autumn

The start of a new season means everyone is switching gears at The Weather Channel! We asked our staff what autumn means for them and what they love most about it. Take a look at what they said below!

What’s your favorite thing about fall?

My favorite thing about the fall is the crisp and cool mornings with warm afternoons and light breeze. – Chris Warren, On-Camera Meteorologist

My favorite thing about fall is the invasion of the cool/crisp/snuggle producing air! – Stephanie Abrams, On-Camera Meteorologist

My favorite thing about fall is seeing all of the trees changing their colors.  They don’t just change to a single color, like the summer green we are used to.  They change into a wide variety of beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows!  It is always a joy to see how a large expanse of trees can become quite a landscape of different and gorgeous autumnal colors.
– Heather Zons, Meteorological Content Producer

It’s that welcome change to cooler conditions, when all of nature begins to get ready for winter, from the trees and flowers to the insects, birds and other animals, it’s dynamic, it’s beautiful. Even the smell in the air is different, and to use all of my senses to enjoy that change is so enjoyable.    – Tom Niziol, On-Camera Meteorologist

The morning after the first strong cold frontal passage. Crisp air, blue skies, and the smell of fall in the air. – Shane Brown, Meteorological Content Producer

The cooler temperatures! I’m not by any means heat-tolerant… so by the time fall rolls around I’m more than ready for the change to cool, crisp air!    – Alex Wilson, On-Camera Meteorologist

Cool, crisp, refreshing mornings that give you a break from the humid summers!  Those mornings are PERFECT for my Pumpkin Spice Lattes!!! #PSL #love – Sarah Dillingham, Meteorological Content Producer

Changing out the wardrobe, and finding my favorite sweaters and sweatshirts that I haven’t worn in a while. I also love those Fall comfort foods like: turkey chili in the crockpot, homemade chicken/vegetable soup, and sweet potato casserole!  – Kelly Cass, On-Camera Meteorologist

What’s your favorite activity to do in the fall?

My favorite thing to do in the fall is hike with the family and dog. – Mike Bettes, On-Camera Meteorologist

There are so many things, down here in the south it’s a return to longer day hikes through trails covered with brightly colored leaves. As the temperatures cool even more, up north it becomes the time for bonfires that take the chill out of autumn evenings, the smell of the smoke from those fires as well as the wood stoves and fireplaces is a beautiful aroma, to me it is one of the hallmark aromas of fall!! – Tom Niziol

Georgia football tailgating and wearing cute jackets and scarves 😉 – Sarah Dillingham

Cooking chili and baking apple crisp, taking the dogs for long walks, watching football… they’re all great!  More than anything I love leaving the windows open and sleeping in on those cooler mornings! – Alex Wilson

I love to watch football or go hiking on a beautiful fall day before the snow comes and closes the higher trails. – Chris Warren

As the weather cools down, I dust the cobwebs off my mountain bike! We love to hit the trails around a nearby lake. We also love hiking this time of year. – Kelly Cass

My favorite activity during the fall is watching college football with the windows open. – Stephanie Abrams

Football- playing, watching, and discussing. – Adam Dean, Weather Product Architect

My favorite activity to do in the fall is to make a bonfire! There is nothing better than spending a whole day raking leaves and branches up into a pile and then gathering up your family and friends to set it ablaze. You all get to sit around the fire and enjoy the brisk night temperatures and the sweet smell of the bonfire. (I grew up in the Midwest so that is a very common fall event for us, not sure about down here yet! 🙂 ) – Heather Zons

If fall is your favorite season, why?

It is a favorite in a way, but it has to share those accolades with 3 other seasons in my world, the beautiful birth of new life in the spring, the warmth and sunshine of the summer and of course the absolute pristine beauty and raw invigoration of winter. – Tom Niziol

Choosing a fav season is like choosing your fav child…I can’t play favorites! 😉  Fall is great because you get to change up your wardrobe and wear scarves and boots! – Stephanie Abrams

I love everything about fall!  Pumpkin everything, the fall foliage colors, finally wearing those cozy sweatshirts and sweaters, various fall festivals… and of course, the anticipation for the holidays! – Alex Wilson

While spring is my favorite time of year, Fall is a close 2nd. I think it’s just change that I like, with both spring and fall being those transition times of year. Typically, the temperatures are more comfortable which allows us to get outside more, kick around the soccer ball, and even play badminton in the backyard! – Kelly Cass

Days are getting shorter and temperatures are getting cooler. Seems like everything calms down and it gets more relaxing. – Adam Dean

Fall is my favorite season. Growing up in Seattle, September is an awesome weather month. It’s also the time when you go back to school and football season is underway. – Chris Warren

Do you have a favorite fall memory?

As a kid growing up in PA we were surrounded by beautiful fall colors, and went to pumpkin patches to pick out the perfect pumpkin for carving!  When I went to Syracuse there was a nearby town that did an apple festival that I never missed… and since then, I’ve found everywhere I live there’s an awesome festival during the fall months! – Alex Wilson

I have tons of great fall memories. Most of them involve a hike in the mountains followed by relaxing in the sunshine with a gentle breeze and great tunes on the radio. – Chris Warren

It has to be up north watching the leaves of the forests burst into hundreds of bright colors, imagining that entire hillsides are on fire with the brilliant reds, oranges and yellows that announce the fall season. Walking through trails as those beautiful leaves drift down to the forest floor is truly magical!! – Tom Niziol

Raking leaves with my sister and dad and jumping into the HUGE piles is my favorite fall memory. – Mike Bettes

Helping Dad rake up the leaves, and we all take turns jumping into the piles! As a kid I also loved candy corn which is out this time of year.  – Kelly Cass

What does the fall season mean for you as an employee at The Weather Channel?

This will be my first fall season while working at The Weather Channel, and I am very excited! Just like with past seasons, I am excited to see what our viewers love to see when it comes to fall, whether it be the changing colors of the leaves or their temperature gauges slowly ticking down!  – Heather Zons

As for being an employee at The Weather Channel, fall means a change in forecasting as the northern jet starts it’s push back South, so there are stronger fronts and even snow starting to pop up! – Stephanie Abrams

As a TWC employee, fall has it all!  Tropics, second severe season beginning to show up, and even some first snows some years!  Plus who can’t forget the amazing fall foliage photos that get shared to us over social media?!  There are just too many breathtaking scenes 🙂 – Sarah Dillingham

The fall season means a lot surprisingly…hurricanes, wildfires, fall leaves, and snow storms! – Mike Bettes

You need to be ready for anything when working at The Weather Channel in the fall. There could be a hurricane to cover and a few weeks later there may be an early season snowstorm. – Chris Warren

At The Weather Channel, every season provides plenty of things to talk about. Of course it is still hurricane season (til Nov. 30th) so we track storms in the tropics. But also, the stronger cold fronts this time of year keeps us on our toes with regard to severe storms. Besides sharing Fall Foliage pics from our viewers, we also love to see those first reports of snow! – Kelly Cass

Fall means the return of Winter Weather Expert Tom Niziol from his long summer hibernation. It’s a long six months after that. – Shane Brown

Oh that’s easy, I begin to stir from my summer hibernation and dust off the cobwebs as I get ready to begin covering the winter season across the U.S.  It is exciting to look forward to the change of the season as the weather pattern begins to energize for winter, it makes me shout out loud THINK SNOW!!! – Tom Niziol

Hurricane Season is waning while Winter Storm season has yet to ramp up. You do have the second severe season in there (October and November) but overall it’s a time to slow down and catch up on projects and develop new, awesome products for winter. – Adam Dean

What are you most excited about for fall? Do you have a favorite fall memory? Tell us in the comments below!


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  1. The best part of fall is not only the cooler weather, my birthday is right around the corner in November. Also, Thanksgiving is surprisingly my favorite holiday, I love spending the whole day in the kitchen and having dinner with those I love.

  2. Love this time of year! Changing out the wardrobe, using my crockpot more, and going for hikes & bike rides since it’s not that hot anymore!

  3. I love the crisp, cool air! Nothing better than wearing sweats and drinking a hot cup of apple cider while admiring the fall colors!

  4. Dr. @twcerikanavarro, what do I love about autumn (fall) the most? I love both the cooler temperatures and the crisp, cool mornings. In fact, I prefer to be colder than hotter. Moreover, I adore watching the leaves changing their panache into a diversity of beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows.  @alexwilson, during the autumn (fall) season, my favorite activity is to talk about the weather like I do every other day. Autumn is, after all, a season of changes, wild events, and unforgettable moments.  @haleybrennan, I have no autumn (fall) memories outside because I am allergic to everything unfortunately. Sorry, everyone!  @kcass, autumn (fall) season means the beginning of naming winter storms with our winter weather geek Dr. @tniziol.  @maria-larosa, it further represents tracking those stalwart cold fronts this time of year keeping us on our toes regarding severe storms.  Best part of all, @stephanieabrams, it indicates the end of a busy hurricane season.  #whatautumnmeanstome 🍂🍁🍃

  5. My man on weather underground I watch you every night here in Queens NY. I would love one day to meet all of you as weather had taught me so much about seeming simple but isn’t. Regards to Dr. Greg Forbes.

  6. Raking the leaves with my mom in the yard and jumping in to them… once when we were done raking I to a running start jumped into the pile thinking it was a little deeper…I stayed on the ground laughing and crying at the same time.e for awhile….it was great!!

  7. The brisk air. Eastern States Exhibition; Apple orchards, cider, changing leaves. MLB Playoffs, College football, sweaters, back to school, kicking through leaves on a trail, the beautiful colors of Autumn foliage from a mountain summit, wearing boots, flu shot time, colorful, colorful leaves and views in New England.

    1. “Get a flu shot in early to mid-October / Otherwise, you will have a sick November / I love it when the leaves consistently change color / And I totally love the daylight getting shorter” #drseussinspiredautumnpoem 😃💉🍁🍂

  8. Autumn is my favorite time of year. I love the changing leaves and weather. The weather always gets more interesting here (E. Washington), too. The last couple years we’ve had intense windstorms, so I’m curious to see what may come this year.

  9. I love fall because it is the only time of year when you can get a delicious pumpkin latte from Starbucks. It is so yummy! I also love fall because I can watch the leaves change from their dull green into their brilliant reds and golds. It is just such a beautiful time of year.

    1. “Autumn is finally here / So goodbye to a summer that was brutally hot / Mother Nature smokes a lot of pot / While I drink an ice cold beer” #drseusspickupline 😃🍺🍁🍂

  10. Fall starts for our family, of course with me calling and txting to remind them of the autumnal equinox. I take my eggs from the refer the day before to get them to room temperature. I try all day to see if I can stand that egg up on it’s end. Usually I do it on the wooden tables. But this year I found an egg with a very course tip and I was able to stand it up on the tip of the egg on a glass table!!! I call that, “Just Showing Off”

    1. I have learned that this wonderful feat at which I have been so accomplished can be done anyday. I never tried it any other time so I was soo surprised to learn that with a steady hand and a great deal of patience I could do this anyday of the year. Though I have many pictures of my standing eggs I never made a video. This time I did. Check it out at this link….

  11. We are adjacent to the UP of Michigan, here in northern Wisconsin. The leaves on the trees have been turning fromm their traditional green to the fall colors of red, yellow and orange and is a beautiful site for the next week or so as the colors literally explode under the cloudless sunlight above. The tamaracks are particularly pretty with their orange needles. Campfires at night ward of the half year missing chill that permeates the night. Nevertheless, the chill is comforting and looked forward to as we hunt for our warmer clothing. Bring it on. It feels so good regardless of the winter months that follow.

  12. Here in south central PA, autumn brings pumpkins, mums, cider, orchards of apples, gourds and lots of local festivals and county fairs. Crisp cool nights and gradual fall colors gradually give us much needed relief from hot summers and a respite before sub zero temps and winter blizzards. New bird songs harbinger in the cooler season, and our resident deer coat up for winter. Squirrels burry nuts and groundhogs oink out for hibernation. Fall is our favorite season for all these reasons and more. Enjoy your fall, everyone!

  13. As a teacher’s kid, a student, and later a teacher, fall is always the start of the year; never mind that darn calendar.

  14. I always watch the channel for weather every morning before heading out. I love all you folks dresses, they look so nice and so nice to see the lady back that had a baby. Looking good. I live in the southern part of Mich. and love fall with all its beauty, remember when my husband always went hunting and our travels up north with family. Now I do it alone. love all of you. Thanks. Iva Marsh

  15. One of my favorite memories still continues today; taking a trip to the cider mill to pick applies and pears, have some cider, and eat a cake donut. Also bring a gallon of cider home along with a few donuts.

  16. I live in NW Ohio. My hockey season always starts the week fall begins. I like to water ski the same day as the first game on the ice. While the liquid part of the list is usually quite nippy, the feeling of engaging in the physics of two state of matter forms of H2O is quite exciting. Now; wondering how can I achieve the gaseous form to achieve the cycle.

    1. Ahhh of course, hockey season, I forgot about that, how could I !!! Being from Buffalo hockey is huge, thanks for the reminder – Tom Niziol

      1. Dr. @tniziol, in addition to the start of hockey season in mid-October, the first snowfall of the season occurs in the Rockies, the Cascades, the Adirondacks, and the Sierra Nevada. Moreover, you release the list of winter storm names for the upcoming season. Speaking of that, when will you announce those names for this season?  #justcurious 🌨☃❄️

  17. Crisp air, first frost, and people getting ready for deer season along with the first snow..

  18. I love seeing the leaves change color and riding through the mountains.

    1. Crisp air, cool temperatures, panache-ful leaves, and a hearty bowl of chili are on my menu when autumn arrives.  Dr. @twcerikanavarro, do you agree with me on those?  #autumnishere 😃🍁🍂

  19. About one week later I was out hunting in the same woods. There was some fog. But I though nothing of it. About 3 hours later on in the woods came the fog. Deep fog. I knew the woods like the back of my hand or so I thought. I started to leave or what I believed to be out, but when I hit the hemlock trees I knew I was going the wrong way what a surprise to me, no compass but I did get out and from now on I carry a compass for security. You think you know the woods but the fog can turn even the best around,

    Gustav Lockstein Jr

  20. About 20 years ago my X brother-in-law and is basset hound went hunting for gray squirrels or ruffled grouse it was a perfect fall day the quaking aspen were golden yellow and the paper birch were also decked out in gold. Some of the leaves were on the ground already. I went one way he took his dog and went the other. After about 1 ½ I did not see any animals. So I walked back to where he was. He was on the edge of a little knoll asleep and his dog along side asleep but the sun was shining brightly through a opening onto them 3 gray squirrels were over the hill running around and a 8 point while tail, buck was on the other side of the hill what a picture BUT NO CAMERA DARN. But it was a beautiful side.

    Gustav Lockstein Jr

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