Women in Weather: Alex Wilson

Alex Wilson joined The Weather Channel in March 2013. Previously, she worked as the morning meteorologist on WHNS-TV/FOX Carolina (Greenville, SC) beginning March 2010. Alexandra also worked as a meteorologist at WOWK-TV and WVNS-TV in Huntington, WV for two years.

Alex grew up in Macungie, PA, and studied at Syracuse University and Penn State University. She graduated summa cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in both broadcast journalism and marketing from Syracuse University in May 2006. In December 2007, she graduated with distinction from Penn State University with a bachelor’s degree in meteorology.

Alex holds the Certified Broadcast Meteorologist designation from the American Meteorological Society (#357). At Penn State, she was awarded the AMS John R. Hope Endowed Scholarship in Atmospheric Science (endowed by The Weather Channel), the Joel N. and Peggy Myers Scholarship in Meteorology (from the PSU Department of Meteorology) and the John and Elizabeth Holmes Teas Scholarship (from the PSU College of Earth and Mineral Sciences). At Syracuse, she was awarded the Chauncey D. Holmes Award for excellence in Geology, and was honored as one of the top seniors in the Whitman School of Management (Whitman Scholar).

We asked The Weather Channel’s female on-camera meteorologists to answer questions about their fellow co-worker, and this is what they had to say about the bubbly meteorologist we all know and love, Alex Wilson.

1. What’s something you’ve learned from Alex Wilson?
There’s no such thing as being over prepared for field work. I saw this firsthand shadowing Alex during Winter Storm Grayson, I love how organized she is! – Liana Brackett

2. What makes Alex Wilson unique?
I love it when I get to work with Alex Wilson. She is always upbeat, and just a lot of fun. She is quick on her feet, a great ad-libber, and when she’s happy, it just rubs off on you too! – Kelly Cass

3. Why is Alex Wilson an integral part to The Weather Channel family?
Alex Wilson brings a lot of fun and science to The Weather Channel family. Her down to earth style helps people understand complicated topics. – Jen Carfagno

4. Alex Wilson is a role model in the meteorology field because… 
Alex is a role model in meteorology, because she’s passionate about not only protecting people from severe weather, but animals too! Pets are family for so many and they depend on us to keep them safe. Alex makes sure people know how best to do that! – Stephanie Abrams

If you couldn’t tell, Alex Wilson is not only an intelligent and talented meteorologist, but also someone who exudes positivity and kindness, and what’s a better combination than that? To say The Weather Channel is lucky to have her on the team is a huge understatement.

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  1. Hello everyone, Dean here in Colorado 😁 watching the Weather channel as usual lol and of course Alex looking so HOTT in that black dress 🤩 Happy New year’s everyone 🎊

  2. Happy Women in Science Day, @alexwilson! Thank you for inspiring all women to pursue a #STEMcareer, to follow their dreams, and to overcome all the obstacles and/or challenges ahead! The more women in science, the better our society. #girlpower 😀

  3. Alex is funny. She gobbled like a turkey yesterday. I had to sign up for the Weather Channel.

  4. Alex keep up the good work and i hope you guys have a HAPPY NEW YEAR

  5. Alex, you are the reason I watch The Weather Channel, very informative !!! You have a swagger I love, your smile is awesome and they are very lucky to have you working for them !!!! And I watched the spelling bee , you my friend got ripped off, the men got all the very easy one’s!!!! Tell your boss or show him this, Alex needs a RAISE !!!1

  6. Alex you are an amazing woman with many talents and a great role model. I owe you and Maria Larosa with getting me interested in weather,STEM,and space thank you so much for getting this high schooler interested in weather

  7. If you’re talented, intelligent and competent, it doesn’t matter if you’re male or female. At least, it shouldn’t. The women at the Weather Channel are the best of the best, and it shows. As a man, I have no problem giving them the respect they’re due. Male or female, when you’re good, you’re good.BTW – Alex is not only funny and intelligent, she has that contagious energy that’s a pleasure to watch.

  8. @alexwilson, I would love to improve my organizational skills with you, if not take a page from your playbook. The more meticulosity you can be, the better you feel about yourself. @liana-brackett, how was your job shadowing with Alex? Did you learn a lot from her? @kcass, I am happy to hear that Alex cares about animals, especially her dogs. #woofwoof Dr. @twcerikanavarro, since Alex loves to “ad-lib”, can she figure out the meaning of “covfefe”? Enjoy! #femalesrocktheweather 😀

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