ABCs of Fall: 26 Things to Do This Season

Kiss your boredom goodbye this fall! Here’s a list of 26 things you can do during autumn that will keep you occupied and allow you to enjoy the coziest season of the year.

Apple Picking

Fun, rewarding, and will most definitely get you in the mood for the season.

Bonfire with Friends

Nothing says fall quite like gathering around a bonfire with friends, blankets, and endless s’mores.

Corn Maze

A staple of the fall season. See the Top 10 Corn Mazes in the country here!

Drink Hot Cider

Cold weather = hot drinks.

Eat a Candy Apple

Or a caramel apple. Or any other food concoction that involves apples.

Fall Festival

A given for anyone’s fall bucket list no matter where you live!

Go Camping

The best season to camp is definitely fall because 1. It has the best weather for being outdoors and 2. You can’t beat the beauty of fall foliage.

Hot Air Balloon Ride

Ooh la la! This is the perfect fall activity to take part in if you don’t mind heights or getting cozy to the person you’re with.

Invite Family and Friends Over

Generic? Maybe. But fall is the beginning of the holiday season and a time to give thanks. Invite your loved ones over for some good food and good times.

Jump in Piles of Leaves

Indulge your inner child and leap into a heavenly pile of leaves in your yard. As if you haven’t ever wanted to try it…

Knit a Scarf

It’s the start of scarf season, so why not learn how to make one! It’ll keep you cozy and stylish when the winter weather comes along.

Learn to Square Dance

You can’t tell me you’ve never seen a movie scene where everyone’s wearing flannel and square dancing in a barn and thought, “Wow that doesn’t look fun at all,” you just can’t.

Make a Pie

Or multiple. Apple, pumpkin, cherry, blueberry, chocolate. Make ’em all!

Neighborhood Potluck

A friendly (and yummy) way to ring in the new season and get rid of all those pies you made.

Oktoberfest Event

Oktoberfest will get you in the seasonal spirit with the great food, drinks, music, and more!

Pumpkin Carving

A classic fall activity that should most definitely be mandatory for all.

Quilting Class

This may only appeal to a niche audience, but hey, you have to admit it’d be pretty cool if you learned how to make a quilt. It’s not as easy as it looks!

Road Trip

If you’re going to go explore a new city, you may as well do it during the prettiest time of year, right?

Scary Movies

Fall is the spookiest season of them all, so grab some snacks, a blanket, and be ready to get chills sent down your spine.


For many, the main appeal of autumn is football. Host a tailgate for your team’s next game with your closest friends!

Use Your Fireplace

‘Tis the season to crank that baby up.

Volunteer at a Food Bank

It’s the season for giving, so why not give your time! Help out the less fortunate by volunteering at a food bank, homeless shelter, or animal shelter.

Winery Tour

A sophisticated way to get a literal taste of autumn.

X-mas shopping

Beat the rush of crazy shoppers by getting some of your gift shopping done early!


The only thing that can make yoga more relaxing is doing it outside among fall foliage. Ommm.

Zoo Day

Chances are your local zoo has a flurry of fall activities that involve your favorite furry friends.

Add your own fall activity ideas in the comments below!

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