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A Look Behind the Bar on Weather Underground

If you’ve watched Weather Underground, you’ve likely noticed lots of weather related details around the weather cave set. Each item was hand-picked with purpose and we’re going to give you a closer look at some of these unique items!

You may have noticed a picture of a man and a woman hanging up on a wall in the background. It’s a signed photo of Bill Paxton and Helen Hunt from the movie Twister! Or is it? Looks like some prankster actually replaced Helen Hunt with our resident storm specialist, Sarah Dillingham.

twister pic

Next to the Twister picture is a vintage cloud code chart, which is handy for identifying different cloud formations

cloud code

A container of Morton’s salt is stashed below the bar. You may notice that the artwork on the container is weather related, but so is the company’s slogan, “when it rains, it pours”. This slogan has a very practical meaning as the company’s salt was able to flow freely out of its packaging, no matter if there was moisture in the air or not–an uncommon thing at the time the slogan was created!


These hand painted glasses would go great in any weather themed bar and were created specially for our set!


Hidden on a shelf along the back wall behind the bar is a stuffed groundhog, one of our favorite less science-focused members of our weather community. Additionally, there is a book about the town of Joplin and the tornado outbreak that had devastating effects on the community. Mike Bettes has a special connection to Joplin as he was one of the first people on the scene after the tornado touched down and he continues to be connected with the community, in fact he rescued / adopted his dog Joplyn after the tornado in the summer of 2011.

book and phil

And, finally, no bar is complete without some beer! This special Thunder Snow brew is from MadTree Brewing out of Cincinnati, OH. I think we all know one meteorologist who would be excited to see this!

Thundersnow brew

These are just a few of the many weather trinkets that adorn the Weather Underground set. Have you noticed any others? Do you have any favorites? Is there anything you’d like to see on set? Let us know at community@weloveweather.tv!

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    1. The tie was swapped to the current one you see a couple of weeks ago. Prior to that, there was actually no tie on the lamp for a bit. Good eye to notice the change!

    1. The tie hanging there represents the casual nature/laid back atmosphere of the show. Most male meteorologists wear a tie when they are presenting the weather, but in the Weather Cave, the guys are a little more relaxed and are usually tie-free!

  1. I love thunder snow! Not so much the beer “lol” but the actual event. It is nice to share this geeking experience with Jim Cantore. In the winter all I can say is, “Bring It On”.

  2. Gotta love the Thunder Snow beer. “Holy – – – – ” by Jim Cantore has to go down in meteorological history as one of the top moments.

  3. The “vintage cloud chart” is nice but my favorite is the extension cord duct taped to the desk for the “under bar light switch” cable. Not unlike my desk wiring with a Dish TV with its own Hopper, a laptop for my weather station (no longer reporting to wunderground.com due to a serial port failure), a desktop PC and my new laptop (no serial port), printer and off air antenna amplifier and two phones…Living on the ocast the house may blow away but the desk is wired down very well. My favorite item on my desk it a photo of me at the South Pole, Dec. 2002. Also, I hope to install a new weather station at the High Island Volunteer Fire station…within a month and am replacing mine in May.

  4. My favorite is the cloud chart. The one shown pre-dates mine which was produced by the American Basic Science Club, Inc. in the 1960s. There appears to be one error – the lower left image of a cb is an incus. A capillatus is streaming cirrus due to wind.
    Cantore the guinea pig might not be excited to see that beer cozied to a skull in skeletal hand. Sends the wrong message, or is it that bad?

    1. According to David Ludlum, capillatus can be cirriform in the shape of an anvil or a plume. ( blowoff ) Incus, an anvil shape. Therefore, the Weather Bureau did not err. An overlapping or redundant definition

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