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A Father’s Day Celebration!

With Father’s Day approaching on Sunday, we asked some of our meteorologists to reflect on their dads as we celebrate the positive influence of the men who came before them.  Happy Father’s Day to all of the weloveweather.tv dads out there!  Tell us how your dad helped shape your love for weather in the comment section.

Alex Wallace

“What is a good Dad”?  It’s a question I hadn’t thought about until recently.

A few months ago I found out my Dad was very sick. He’s overseas and it got serious enough that me and my siblings took turns to go see him to try and get him the help he needed. There were definite moments when we didn’t think he would make it. In fact, the Doctors were not confident either. For now, he’s stabilized but still has a long road ahead. This experience made me reflect on my Dad and how great he has been. Growing up, we were not the most well off family. I’m sure it was very tough being an immigrant trying to make a better life for his family. We didn’t have much but I never felt like we were poor. Being older, and able to understand their struggle more, I really don’t know how both my parents made my childhood feel “normal”. It truly was a miraculous achievement.  My favorite time with my Dad was Sunday afternoons in the Fall. That’s when we would park ourselves on the couch and cheer on our Washington Redskins. Those are the days that shaped my borderline unhealthy obsession with football. Admitting is the first step, right!?!  He instilled in me to treat everyone like I wanted to be treated. To be a good person. My Dad was always supportive of me too. At the age of 12, when I decided I wanted to be a weatherman, he was like, “Whatever you want to do. Whatever makes you happy”. My Dad has always been the proudest person when it comes to anything I do. It could be the smallest accomplishment but my Dad would tell the whole world about it with the biggest smile on his face. He goes a little overboard and it can get embarrassing but I’ve always felt like my Dad was proud of me.

Back to a few months ago when it was my Birthday weekend. I get up and head to the bathroom to brush my teeth. This was going to be a lazy day so I head back to the bed to chill and watch a little TV. But to my surprise, my wife has a birthday bag waiting for me. Woohooo! I like surprises. So I dig into the bag and I pull out what feels like little hand towels. I unfold them and see the words, “Daddy Loves Me” written on one.  I look at my wife and smile but I’m completely oblivious to what is happening. I go back into the bag and pull out a book. I read the title and it says, “Dude, You’re Gonna Be a Dad!”  CLICK! LIGHTBULB! EUREKA! I’m gonna be a Dad!  Wait?!? I’m gonna be a Dad?  It took me a second, but I finally realized that my wife was revealing that she was pregnant. Talk about a Birthday  surprise!

So the question, “What is a good Dad?” races to the forefront of my mind. And for me, the answer lies with my Dad. He raised me to be someone he could be proud of and I think that is exactly what a good Dad does.  I can only hope I can raise my child to be someone I can be proud of and has an ridiculous obsession with football! That challenge begins in October!!! Happy Father’s Day!!!

img011 (2)

Alex Wilson

My dad was a huge support system for me while in meteorology school.  Anyone in this field will tell you that the coursework can get really hard, and so there were a lot of times I was stressed and had lost confidence – so I’d call my parents to vent.  Even though he’d had a long day himself, he was never too busy to listen, and anytime I got off the phone I felt WAY better about myself and that test/project/paper I needed to work on.  Thanks to him I never gave up, and if anything ended up doing a great job in all my classes.  He told me to believe in myself, but also to ask for help when I needed it.  I don’t know that I would have been able to get through that tough program without the support of him and my mom.  And through my career they’ve been my biggest supporters and fans… and it’s great that I now find myself on The Weather Channel because they can see me on their TV in Pennsylvania (when I worked in local TV markets they had to log-on to the computer and watch the digital forecast – not so easy!).  They’re so proud, and I’m so thankful for their support – I definitely wouldn’t be working my dream job if it wasn’t for my dad and mom!  THANKS DAD, I LOVE YOU!!

Alex and Dad

Mark Elliot

I can credit my dad for being part of the reason that I got into weather.  When I was growing up, my dad worked for the Veterans Affairs Hospital System, in the field of Emergency Response. While some of his training was about how to respond to a mass casualty event like an explosion, much of what he spent his time doing was preparing for and responding to natural disasters as part of the National Disaster Medical System.  He was brought in after weather events threatened the normal operations of a VA Hospital, such as going to North Dakota after the major floods along the rivers in the 1990s, or going to Homestead, Florida after Hurricane Andrew destroyed portions of the state.  Naturally, I wanted to know what he was getting himself into, and spent hours watching The Weather Channel as the network covered the event, the aftermath, and in my eyes, a personal forecast for my dad.

Now, as a father to a one year old, I get to appreciate the weather in a brand new way, because I get to see it through her eyes.  I see the wonder as she watches raindrops hitting the car window.  I see her learning as her hand touches the sun kissed warmth of our front steps.  I see her turn, looking for what is making the rumble of thunder.  And I get to look forward to teaching her about weather, and bringing her into science by helping her explore the world around her.  Hopefully this will help her find her own passions and instill a love of learning about all kinds of topics in her future.


Chris Warren

Happy Father’s day to my Dad and one of my best friends. Without a doubt what I love most about my dad is that I laugh the hardest when I am with him. We quote shows and find humor in life’s little ironies but usually we just make fun of each other and laugh at ourselves.  Long before we were buddies he was first and foremost a great father. When I was younger he showed me patience when I expected disappointment or anger. To this day he still plays devil’s advocate when I least want to hear it but usually when I need to hear it the most. I know I am so very fortunate to have such a great father and I am extremely grateful. Most call him Bill and some call him Barbecue Bill or Captain Bill, but I am most proud to call him Dad.

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Dr. Forbes

My father passed away in 1986, but he was very important in my life.  His hard-work ethic set an example that I have followed through my career.  He helped pay my way through college, whereas his parents didn’t have the resources for him.  While I was a bookworm, he was handy in building and repairing things and taught me a bit of those skills.  After my mother died, his spirit in taking up new activities will be something that inspires me once I retire.

Kelly Cass

My step-dad Vincent was a huge fan of The Weather Channel for many years, even before my debut in 2000!
So when I announced that we would be moving our family from New York all the way down to Georgia,  he was probably happiest for me, even though we’d be almost a thousand miles away.
Vin is truly a weather enthusiast! He always plants a vegetable garden every summer, and loves to let me know how much rain he got. He is always checking the radar, local on the 8’s, and tells me how bad the storms get. He doesn’t really mind when the power goes out since he invested in a generator. He is also very proud of his snow blower, so doesn’t mind a good snowstorm either!

me and Vin

Bonnie Schneider

Posing in this picture with my dad on the day I graduated Boston University, I had no idea the long journey ahead I would take from a small TV station in Lake Charles, Louisiana, to eventually, The Weather Channel here in Atlanta, Georgia. Throughout the many years, and moves across the country between then and now, my dad has always been someone I can count on for advice, support, and even to be up at 4am sometimes to watch my TV broadcasts! He continues to set the example of not only working hard for what you want to accomplish, but also to be a good person who values family.

Happy Father’s Day!

Bonnie Schneider

Bonnie 1

bonnie 2

My dad at one of my signings for book, “Extreme Weather”.


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  1. Whenever I see a woman expecting and on air, we don’t get to see the babies. I spent a month at St. Jude in Memphis so my heart just goes out to all of them. They are so cute

  2. I loved reading about all of the fathers day stories. They were so touching so beautiful. Thank you for sharing them to the weather channel staff.

  3. My Dad was a dairy-farmer. Weather was an important aspect all through the years. Although we didn’t have the Weather Channel, Dad had his own forecasting system.. his ‘bones’ would tell him if it was going to rain! Happy Father’s Day Dad!

  4. Happy father,s to all the dad,s at the weather channel and throughout the world.

  5. My dad gave me the excitement for weather. He would be the first one to run outside, whoop and holler and be delighted with thunderstorms. I know he loved watching the weather channel before he passed. He was in the air force and we lived all over and got to experience every kind of weather situation. Yes, my dad was my weather inspiration.

  6. Dr. Forbes, I hope that retirement isn’t coming soon. Your expertise is so important to us folks in Tornado Alley.-Ardee

  7. This is beautiful. Happy Father’s Day to all the great men above. You’ve all raised amazing children.

  8. Congratulations to all of you for taking the career path of becoming a meteorologist and for sharing your stories regarding your fathers. Kelly— our son lives in Poughkeepsie and it’s amazing the difference in weather between there and where we live (way upstate New York— near the Canadian border).

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